Bella Lugozi

Bella Lugozi


The music is an experiment with the most sonically dangerous contrasts of mankind's socio-psychological makeup. Be forewarned, the picture painted in your mind as you listen to the musical progeny of Bella Lugozi may challenge what you thought you believed.


Imagine wandering through the darkness and finding a pool of molten amber-- too hot to touch, but too beautiful to ignore. The pain involved in the reality of getting burned and the comfort of wounds being soothed. One could almost say that each track on their current CD is an exercise in how to push the limits of musicality, instrumentation and human tolerance. Bella Lugozi is a band that can help redefine the direction of Heavy Metal. In the midst of pulsating rhythms, soaring guitars, thunderous bass lines and gritty lyrics, they are tasteful and unpretentious. This is a group that is not afraid to take risks. Fearless of saying the uncomfortable things. At ease with being themselves. Bella Lugozi is a beautiful representation of all that is noir. Influences: Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath


We have four songs on rotation at: live 365 and the ripper.
We are also on Broadcast Asylum

Set List

My Name 2:56
2012: 6:22
Evil One: 6:05
Panic Room: 3:33
Psycho: 2:17
Glass Wall: 5:07
Universal Law: 2:46
High Tension: 3:32