Bellamy Rose

Bellamy Rose

 Boise, Idaho, USA

Bellamy Rose - An eclectic mix of genres with stories about the great American experience. Country, blues, blue grass, and rock combined to take you on a journey that sticks with you long after the experience.


Bellamy Rose is an Americana band from Boise, Idaho who began their journey in December 2006 with two voices and two guitars. Their unique style and approach is a classic crossover mix between bluegrass, alternative country, rock and blues. Vocal harmonies and original songwriting are the hallmarks of this quintet. Each member brings a diverse musical style and energy that is dynamic and always a crowd pleaser. Many fans have commented on their music as "Comfortably Different". The band is Marc Grubert, Brian Hoffman, MK Rosen, and James Adams. April 2008 saw the release of their first CD entitled "Tracks". Currently, they are hard at work on their soon to be released dynamic effort they call "Midnight Freight".



Set List

1. Going Home
2. Where Do We Go
3. Bellamy Rose
4. The Bitterroot Song
5. Old Clock Shop
6. The Shoe
7. Better Days
8. Troubled Waters
9. Bringing Down the House
10. Kentucky Derby
11. ANS
12. Walking in Your Shoes
13. 3 Bars
14. Right Side of the Tracks
15. My Dianne
16. Half Full
17. Sea Gypsy
18. Pay Day
19. Velvet Sky
20. More Time
21. Million Thoughts
22. Change
23. Free
24. Shut Your Mouth
25. Destiny
26. Big Ring

Covers (Rosafied)
1. King of The Road (Roger Miller)
2. Just Like Heaven (The Cure)