"Bellavista is dark gloomy noisy rock and roll pushed through enough distortion, haze, and depression to make Psychocandy seem optimistic. "


Formed in late 2005, Bellavista formed2005,Threewas once known as Vue. Originally on GSL then on Sub Pop and finally RCA, Vue never ever got the respect they deserved. Truly one of the greatest rock and roll bands on the planet, they put on one of the greatest live shows ever. No band encapsulated 40 years of rock and roll history in the span of 2 hours like Vue did. They were incredible and if you ever saw them live you know this." -firstcoastnews


'Bellavista', eponymous LP on Take Root Records, 2007.

Set List

A typical set for us includes 7-9 songs, ranging from 30 to 45 minutes. We like to mix it up, but here is an example from a recent live show:

1)River of Lust
2)Divided We Suffer
3)Carve Our World
4)Mystic Son
5)Put it On
6)She Holds the Knife (from japanese version of our album)
7)Temptation by Your Side