Bella Vita

Bella Vita

 Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Bella Vita is ambient folk rock, filled with conteplative and hopeful lyrics. Their songs range in topic from life to love and everything in between.


Music is a language all it’s own, no matter what words are written to accompany it. With so many artists and bands releasing music today it can be difficult to interpret any of it. Music that has a clear message, however, can speak volumes. The members of Bella Vita have challenged themselves to speak loudly and clearly above the musical tower of Babel.

After forming the band in late 2009, Nathan Storey and Matthew Stevenson immediately went to work writing, recording and developing the sound they hoped to share with a full band some day. The duo began playing at coffee shops to standing room only crowds. They played the original music that they had as well as original music that had inspired them in the first place. Songs by The Swell Season, The Decemberists and Coldplay accentuated their set.

Releasing their full band demo in early 2010 their first pressing sold out in only a month. They were also fortunate enough to find Travis and Kim Price and Josh Garcia who joined the band to complete the lineup.

In just a few short months Bella Vita has made strides forward in developing their career as a versatile act. Playing everything from unplugged listening parties to church festivals with more than 1,000 people in attendance, Bella Vita prides themselves in being a unique band that has the opportunity to reach many different types of people with songs about faith, life, and love. As Christians this is very important to them. No matter what opportunity the band is presented with, the most important thing is that they are able to spread the love of Christ through their music and personal experiences.

Being as blessed as they have been in only a short time, the members of Bella Vita are excited to see what happens next.


Some Great City EP- Feb. 2010
Flight Patterns EP- Oct. 2010

Set List

30 to 45 minute set including 1 or 2 covers.

Songs we've done include the Swell Season, John Mark McMillan and Dustin Kensrue