Belle Mina

Belle Mina


Belle Mina is one of Birmingham’s strongest bands. Their sound is accessible without being bland or conventional, and it is electric yet features folk elements. They will surprise you and inspire you. You'll find yourself relating to every lyric, dancing to every beat. And they're all female!


Birmingham, Alabama's Belle Mina came together in a natural turn of events-through Facebook. Michelle, the lead singer and guitarist, had the idea, Alyssa had the motivation, and Sarah just happened to be checking her Facebook that day. After a posted status, some comments exchanged, Belle Mina began their first practices in a 2 bedroom apartment in downtown Birmingham. They didn't have mic's, and Alyssa was forced to use an irreparably out of tune piano, but hopes were high. Sort of.

Since then, they've surprised the Alabama music scene with their high energy performances, their catchy songs, and their on stage banter. And, thankfully, they have a working keyboard and microphones.


Singles, "Penitentiary" and "Trees", in which both have been played on Birmingham Mountain Radio.