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Like Sarah Vaughan, Charlie Christian and Cut Chemist stuck in a dusty second hand record store with rum and a sampler, Belleruche make turntable soul music.


From running their own record label to put out their first three 7” releases, to being listed in several European i-tunes editors picks for 2008 and selling over 40’000 records the trio are pushing limits and
expectations, and are creating new fans with every live show.

The band’s two albums, 'Turntable Soul Music' and 'The Express' provide fuzzy snapshots of the Belleruche trio’s different approach to music creation and production – combining heartfelt melodies with twisted scratched drums, snap
sharp snares with chopped vintage basslines, and broken blues guitars with hook filled songs.

From their early days making it all up in London pubs, to Montreux Jazz festival, their tight and innovative live show, using turntables, loopers, a guitar and a microphone has impressed audiences worldwide


Turntable Soul Music (Album) Tru Thoughts 2007

Anything You Want (Not That) / Don't Let Them Push You Around (7", Single) Tru Thoughts 2008

Drum At Dusk / Down The Road (7") Rebtuz 2008

Northern Girls (12", Single) Tru Thoughts 2008

The Express (Album) Tru Thoughts 2008

Set List

anything you want (not that)
it'll come
the itch
northern girls
minor swing
rumble strip
late train
don't let them push you around
idea 3
like 4 the hardway
bought and sold

set is usually between 60 - 90 minutes