Belles Of Skin City

Belles Of Skin City


The Belles of Skin City found a sound together that is previously unheard and unusually authentic. Each one of these multi-instrumentalists contributes vocals, resulting in a highly orchestrated, heavily percussive sound with call and response style dynamics.


The Belles of Skin City exist solely out of midwestern proportions. Or they just can't afford to leave. 5 grown men make plans for the creation of music. They rent a practice space and buy a van. Said van is destroyed day of purchase by car thief in stolen car. Said practice space is broken into the first month of residence and most equipment is stolen. The Belles finally proceed to make music with what they have left and what they can piece together. The only thing to do was actually play.

Belles of Skin City released their debut EP- Ha Ha Boardroom Think Tank Tantrums on Totally Gross National Product records in the fall of 2005.
Being accused of having a "Sousa meets swap meet" style, The Belles' mixed themselves a Zoloft milkshake and proceeded to record a much more focused and precise follow up full length album-"You Do The Company Proud".

These fellas have plans of actually leaving Minnesota for a minute or two, to tour in support of the new release. Catch them soon before their van blows up.


"You Do the Company Proud" CD
2006 Totally Gross National Product

"ha ha boardroom think tank tantrums" EP
2005 Totally Gross National Product

Set List

Set lists are typically 40-45 minutes, covers are few and far between normally.