Charlotte NC based band formed in 2002. Bellglide has gained a lot of ground in a short amount of time with brilliant live shows in the Southeast U.S. Just finished recording songs with famed producer Mitch Easter and acquired Greg Calbi to master them.


Bellglide: from Charlotte, NC : began : 2002 : alt. rock/pop/ atmospherics a la Coldplay, PJ Harvey, Cardigans, Liz Phair, Catherine Wheel.

Bellglide began like many bands do when people with like-minded influences find each other by way of a flyer posted on a billboard on some college campus. This flyer was posted by the remnants of a Charlotte, NC band that had seen moderate success as an ambient rock outfit called Laburnum. After some internal strife 3/5 of the band carried
on searching for the right singer.

Enter Kate Gregory (known as "Slappy"), a 23 year-old female student at the local University [UNC-Charlotte] who responded to the flyer, led to the first meeting with the current lineup. Kate's knack for good vocal melodies as well as her strength at playing piano and rhythm guitar, brought immediate cohesiveness to the group's already solid playing. The fact that Kate had grown up as an army brat living in England, Turkey and the U.S. just made things all the more interesting. Bellglide was formed and the first few shows generated large crowds. The band then headed to Kernersville, NC with Mitch Easter [Pavement, REM] at Fidelitorium Studios to record their first batch of songs. The result of that session was a self-titled EP that the band released in early 2004.

The debut EP garnered strong reviews in national publications: Magnet, Paste, Creem and others, both print and online. This helped continue the momentum landing the band in several national showcases (Atlantis Music Conference and Dewey Beach Music Conference) and gained label interest. The band also ventured outside of its region to play as far north as NYC at Piano's. Bellglide's EP also achieved national online distribution through Aware Records. The EP did so well that MUZAK licensed some of the songs for airplay in their client Bluenote's stores. Several of the songs were also picked up to be used in the soundtrack for the independent film The Rest of Your Life. The band has shared the stage with many alternative darlings such as Ambulance LTD, Elephant, Longwave and Sea Ray. In Charlotte, Bellglide was chosen to appear on the side stage for national act Evanescence and supported Concrete Blonde in Chapel Hill. Bellglide finally rounded out the year 2004 by attracting the attention of Allan Tepper who they entered into a management agreement with. Allan has an extensive career in music publishing and along with him the band hopes on reaching new heights in 2005.


Change My Mind

Written By: Bellglide

i know that i should wait...for a sign, for a sign
i know that i can't just...speak my mind, speak my mind

read and spoken
it's read and spoken
will this time change my mind?
will this time change my mind?

oh, you know just how...i will cave, i will cave
and do i tell be brave, to be brave

read and spoken
it's read and spoken
will this time change my mind?
will this time change my mind?
can't decide...change my mind
will this time change my mind?....

i know that i should wait for a sign, for a sign
i know that i can't just...take my time, take my time

will this time change my mind?
will this time change my mind?
can't decide, change my mind...
will this time, change my mind?


Bellglide E.P. (self released Dec 2003)
available at or

Streaming audio available at
1. Addiction
2. Go Ahead
3. Change My Mind

Set List

Opening set is 10-12 songs, 40-45 minutes
Headling is 15-20 songs, 1hr- 1hr 30 minutes

The band has performed various covers of Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, The White Stripes, and Willie Nelson.

Current Set may include:
natural disaster
summer toast
seven days
what we sow
nick cave cover (love letter)
the haunting
change my mind
go ahead