Reykjavík, Capital Region, ISL

i’d like to introduce you to My very own Bellstop
they’re icelandic renegades, playing raw&original indie folk&roll
Performing as a Duo .. or a full band

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Bellstop!...alternative folk rock or not!

We are Bellstop, a couple of musicians from Iceland by the name of Runar and Elin. We have been playing music together for the past 10 years. Five of those years we spent in China, travelling from province to province, paying our way the best way we knew how, as original music troubadours for hire. We even made a full commercial release album there under the name "HEIMA"in 2009. Then in 2011, when the call of home was just to great to ignore, we returned to Iceland's majestic shores, changed the name of our band to "BELLSTOP" and invited two of our very good friends to come and play with us, Eysteinn "The drum whisperer" Eysteinsson and Iceland's "Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion of the Bass Guitar" Andri Thor Olafsson and put our minds and bodies to work, recording our first Bellstop album "Karma" in 2013. Three wonderful years on, we just finished our second full studio album, that goes by the name of "Jaded " Dancing on the shores of the internet from 2701 2017  you can have a listen .