Bell Tower

Bell Tower

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Bell Tower is a hard-hitting and energetic modern garage rock four piece that redefine alternative rock with their unique and innovative writing and performance style.


Bell Tower is an unreserved alternative rock band from Calgary, Alberta. The band’s melodies seamlessly fuse captivating blues and a modern approach to 60’s garage rock. Comprised of four diverse musicians, Bell Tower’s original mix of sounds and styles makes them truly one of a kind. From uniquely energetic vocals, to progressive percussion, the band’s sound is nothing short of rich. Retro rock solos and lead riffs are unforgettable, and flawlessly paired with swift bass runs.

Non-stop new material and a powerful stage dynamic add to their intriguing sound. The same can be said for Bell Tower’s debut release, "Redux". On this energized debut, Bell Tower delivers the perfect mix of old school rock and modern melodies; each track has been carefully crafted, making "Redux" a true testament to the band’s distinctive sound and character.

Their freshly released sophomore album "Growing Growing", features an incredibly universal story of development and transition; ”Growing Growing” showcases the modern approach to garage rock Bell Tower has demonstrated in the past evolving, introducing an indie pop vibe and an intriguing sense of adventure.


Redux - LP (Release: April 2nd 2011)
Growing Growing - LP (Release: April 6th 2013)