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The Cold Within
Devil's Daughter

The Cold Within is on CD baby and is being released for digital distrubution. Devil's Daughter will be there as soon as it is released.



This band is everything we thought a band could be! We are having the time of our lives and we plan on ridin it as far as it goes. We all have daytime corporate jobs, families and do this because we love it! We really don't give a crap about "making it big". If something great comes along, thats bitchen. But, no one has any delusions of grandeur. We are always looking for was to generate revenue and exposure for the band. This band has been together for about 5 years. But the musician bring many years of talent and experience to the table. We do not sound like any other band in Sacramento! We have a unique sound rooted in the power of Heavy Freakin' metal! We choose not to change our sound to fit in. Instead we relish in the fact that we don't.
A unique feature of this band is a girl drummer. The only girl in the band. (oh the things I have to put up with!) Don't be fooled, she puts the beat down on those drums!

We have had many fun times along the way and are like family now.
We have opened for bands and performers like, Frank Hannon of Tesla, Eric Martin from 415 & Pat Travers. Our influences are bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and ACDC. We have music on video sound tracks for skydiving called RADIX, local film Lunatic Masiah and have submission in for Sacramento Film and Music Festival.

We have released 3 CDs to date.

Our first, Skyviking released in 2004

Next, was a CD called The Cold Within released on 2005.

Our latest CD being released on 5/4/07 called Devils Daughter. Named because my best friends sister is HOT! And, we figure she must be "the devils daughter" HeeHee
And, of course, after practice the conversation usually heads straight to the gutter. Weeeeeeeee

We have been playing other shows ranging from Harley Davidson events with 800-1000 people. to local venues like The Boardwalk, and local dive bars (they are the best!), take your pick of one in Sacramento or surrounding areas and we most likely have played there.

The best part is the time we spend together and the people we meet along the way. (I met a guy I swear was macho man savage or something. After a set he said to me, "I'm very pleased with you sister!" But say it in the Macho man voice! WHAAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAA sooo funny. We still laugh about that.

The bottom line is we love what we do. We love each other and we make great rock n roll!