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The Princess Song

Written By: Bel Morrison

A tale of gallant conquest
With fear and foe entwined
You were born a princess
Once upon a time
Stolen from the cradle
The day of your birth

Living in the dungeon
You caught all his blows
Royal garments tattered
No-one knows
The lies the dragon fed you
About your tarnished crown

Rain is falling, Falling on your head
Such a downpour, Your princess heart is dead
But there’s a healer who longs to take you home
Watch the Prince of Glory leave his throne

He’s got arrows in his quiver
To defend your worth
He slays the mighty dragon
And wins your battle
Then taking off his armour
He takes you in His arms

Love is calling. Whispering your name
Take His hand now, He understands your pain
See your healer has come to take you home
Your Prince of Glory left his throne

So Cinderella leave your ashes now
Don’t leave your royal invitation unopened on the ground
Sleeping Beauty wake up from your deadly slumber
Here is life and love, what fairy tales are made of

Trumpets calling, Calling out ahead
Make a way now, for the princess he will wed
See your healer desires to take you home
For your love the Prince of Glory left his throne

Rain is falling, Mercy from above
Healing waters, Rivers of true love
Leave your shackles, Take His wings to soar
And live in the Price of Glory’s endless love forevermore

Your Way

Written By: Bel Morrison

I desire the praise of man
More than the praise of God
The breakable beauty of a temporary crown
More than riches of a kingdom to come

Yet pitfalls and snares are plentiful
Trials that grind my bones
The selfish drug leaves me eaten up inside
One of many identical clones

Your way is the only way that leads to life
Abundant and dancing in my veins
I’m sinking, slowly sinking in the waters without you
Hold me close and help me dance upon these waves

Help me please pick up the pieces
Of a life broken all around
Help me realign with you in the picture
Set my feet on solid ground


You are the thread that holds it all together
Your shadow’s my hope in the dust
Please permeate my very existence
Save my soul from spiritual rust


Not the First to Cry

Written By: Not the first to Cry

The embrace of life is a bittersweet experience
With sorrow in her left hand and joy in her right
The indiscriminate nature of the blows leaves questions with their head off
Guess its like mum always said life’s not fair

But I’m not the First to cry
An ocean depth of tears
That would leak into eternity
And I’m not the first to fall
In the river wild and fear my soul would drown

The sunset teases my mood and the pines shout their wisdom
We’ve seen many come and go before all troubled like yourself
From dust to dust all return their worry changes nothing
So dance with light feet while you can, experience life