Beloved Binge

Beloved Binge


Rubble pop rooted in a punk pot infused with a hint of old Greek mountain village uprising.


ELENI grew up around classical musicians singing x-mas music harmonies with her mother on long trips to California. On Dad-Day Sundays she listened to old Greek songs in a van played from an ash-covered tape recorder.

ROB picked up a guitar at 11 and grew up listening to Metallica, Joy Division, the Beatles and the Doors, which explains his uncanny ability to sing “Riders in the Storm” at karaoke bars.

Beloved Binge formed in Seattle in 2003 and relocated to Durham, North Carolina in October 2005. Beloved Binge are active in their community and recently co-organized the first annual Duo-Fest, an all-day event featuring 15 regional two-pieces from all genres.

"Other Places" was recorded at Zero Return Studios in Atlanta, GA. Their engineer was such an analog-enthusiast that the computer in the console booth had to be removed before he arrived to avoid disturbing him.

"Other Places" is an amalgamation of songs written during Beloved Binge’s transformation from one lifestyle to another, simpler variety.



Written By: Eleni Binge & Rob Beloved

I don't trust, the best of us.

Sunset Blue

Written By: Rob Beloved & Eleni Binge

Welcome to, the atom bomb.


1st self-titled release, 2003, "Beloved Binge."

2nd release, June 2006, "Other Places."

"Other Places" is receiving airplay on WXDU, where it was voted #11 of the top 63 releases of 2006, as well as WKNC, WCOM, WPRB, and on several podcasts.

Tracks receiving the most airplay are "Faces," "Candyland," "Ossuary," and "Stuck."

Beloved Binge has performed on WXDU, WKNC, WXOJ, and WCHL, and will be performing on WUAG and interviewed on WCOM in June.

Set List

Typically Beloved Binge performs a 30 minute set to ensure the audience leaves hoping for more, not less. However, Beloved Binge has played up to three hours sets upon venue or festival request.

There is no typical set list as Beloved Binge strives to provide a dynamic performance for those who have attended previous shows as well as keep their own performance unexpected and original.

However, a sample set list might contain:

Intro Song (Rob Guitar, Eleni Drums/Vox)
Ossuary (Rob Guitar/Vox, Eleni Drums/Vox)
Consumption (Rob Guitar/Vox, Eleni Drums/Vox)
Candyland (Rob Guitar/Vox, Eleni Drums/Vox)
Greek Song for Uncle Mitso (Rob Guitar, Eleni Drums)
Miso (Rob Guitar/Vox, Eleni Guitar/Drums/Vox)
Faces (Eleni Guitar/Vox, Rob Drums)
(Got) Married on Myspace (Eleni Guitar/Vox, Rob Drums/Vox)
Heartburn (Rob Guitar/Vox, Eleni Drums/Vox)
Born in a Vacuum (Rob Guitar/Vox, Eleni Drums/Vox)