Below Defect

Below Defect

 Southampton, England, GBR


Southampton, UK based thrash metallers, Below Defect who are planning to release their debut album ‘Eagle Eyed Generation’ in the summer 2011 and to give fans a preview of release a single of the album title track with an accompanying video, a few months before the album release to follow up on the live gigs they have play around the south the next few years.

These two releases showcase the band at it’s very best with a new line up, which has been in September 2010. The aim also of the releases is to start kick more interest in the band and launch their own headline tour around the UK and other subsequent tours around Europe. The band has played with the likes of Primitai, Typheous, Bad Sign, Artisian, Kellermensch (who had their debut album praised by Kerrang and NME) and regularly Marseille (Featuring Neil Buchanan of Art Attack fame).

Below Defect also have numerous gigs booked for 2011 including playing the prestigious ‘Battle for Bloodstock’ Competition for the chance to play at ‘Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2011’ and a release through a major record label along with numerous other prizes. The Future is looking bright for one of the South’s finest metal bands and they have been described as "there’s no escaping the fact that it is bone crunching and grinding metal at its best" by Cherry Pullinger - Amped Reviews Dot Net and "This is a great thrash metal song, interesting and well crafted. There is juicy thrashing guitars and some amazing melodic bits." by Neil Duncan – Issuepunkzine.


Jul 09 Evil God Demo
Thunder and Lightning Productions

Nov 09 Robotic War EP general release Thunder and Lightning Productions

May 10 Dying Revolution Single general release Thunder and Lightning Productions

Apr 11 Eagle Eyed Generation White Album (Compilation CD)
Cushion Records
TBA 11 Eagle Eyed Generation Jurassic Mark Volume III
(Compilation CD) Jurassic Mark

May 11 Eagle Eyed Generation Single general release
Thunder and Lightning Productions

Jul 11 Eagle Eyed Generation Full length general release Thunder and Lightning Productions

Dec 11 Divine Spirit Single general release
W/ B Side: extended version Thunder and Lightning Productions

Jan 12 TBA Live EP general release Thunder and Lightning Productions

Set List

Death Toll
Doodle (Bass Solo)
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Evil God
End Of The Wicked (New Song going to be on 2010 album)
Solitary Confinement
Outro 2

our sets are normally 25 - 30 mins long but we are writing an album at the moment so by March we can play up to 45 mins. We also cover Seek and Destroy by Metallica, Raining Blood by Slayer and our working on a lady Gaga Metal Version of Bad Romance. We get pretty good crowds and get people singing and moving.