Below Me

Below Me


We have an upbeat sound that makes people move. Our separate tastes combine for a hard hitting Classic Rock vibe with blues, reggae and funk all in the mix. The reggae and blues bass lines mesh well with the classic rock solos of the lead. The powerful vocals is the icing on the cake for this band.


It started out Feb. 2006 when old time friends reunited after many years. All of them grew up together, and went to the same elementary school as kids. After they all lost touch, they all really dived into music. Everyone learned their instruments, some played in previous bands. Everyone caught wind of the other guys playing instruments. One year prior in 2005 they got together to jam a little bit. None of them were really that great at the time. The bass player was in another band, and the other guys needed some work. They went their seperate ways once again. Shortly after, Nick left his other band and was out of work for awhile. The other 3 guys started playing coffee shops around the valley to get some experience. After playing the coffee shops for awhile, they got a paying gig at a bar. They asked Nick if he wanted to play the show. Since Nick hadn't played for a period of time, he accepted. He was really impressed on how much they improved. He decided to join up with them and write some more songs. They started gigging every weekend, and getting more, and more people out to their shows. They put together some money, and went into the studio in the summer of '06. They cut their first Cd which turned into their EP album which released in the winter of '06.

That takes us to present time. They are still playing regularly and have the vibe, and energy to win over any crowd. There big influences consist of Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Bob Marley, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith and many more of course. They plan to go back into the studio to cut their full album this summer. Look for them to come to your town very soon. They will most likely be playing on the west coast to start out. Unless there is a demand for them somewhere else.

Nick Martin has been in the music industry for more than 7yrs. He picked up his first bass on his 15th birthday. He started out running live sound for a local band when he was 16. He evolved his bass playing abilities, while soaking up the knowledge that was given to him being around the music scene. He had run sound for some pretty big reggae shows such as: Steel Pulse, Yellowman, The Skatalites, Long Beach Shortbus, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Fishbone, and many more. His passion for playing music got him hooked up with a band that needed a bass player. This band brought Nick on the road with Long Beach Shortbus to be the opening act for a short tour. Shortly after that his band went into the studio to record a demo. They got the drums and bass laid down and the singer decided to quit the band. Nick took a little while off to focus on building his record label. His addition to the band brought the reggae and blues bass lines, and also the knowledge of the music business.

Trevor Rogers (Lead Vocalist and Guitarist) began playing and preforming music at a very young age. During his years in school he was one of 3 students to be in the top choir and top band throughout high school, preforming in every talent show, muscial and school concert. He is a true entertainer....which is clear the moment you meet him. After high school he joined the Army and left for Germany to be a part of the 1st Infantry Division. He was deployed to Kosovo where he earned many recognitions including the NATO defense medal and the 1st ID KFOR combat medal. After 3 years in the U.S. Army he returned home knowing that he wanted to pursue a career in music. His vocals are precise and original. Trevor brings the soulful vocals which keeps you wanting more.



Written By: BELOW ME

Now Im gunna tell you bout where im from
Its called Arizona, quarter mile from the sun.
And this hot ass place has got me pullin my hair.
Gotta stick my head in fire just to breathe some colder air.
Every day and night you know that its all the same,
hotter than hell with no chance for rain.

Cause its 110 in the shade.
And no one's getting any cause its too hot to get laid

Cause its so damn hot down here in Arizona.
Lets move away just north of North Dakota.
And lets run away c'mon baby dont ya wanna....wanna go?

Drivin round town with no A/C.
You think you died and went to hell but you're just stuck in AZ.
And this hot ass place has got me pullin my hair.
I swear to god little girl that we're gunna get away from here.




Written By: Paul Palma & Trevor Rogers

I should have known you'd be a waste of time
Same old bullshit same old line
Its been too long I've got to quit
Dealing with your same old shit.

Cause when im with you its like coming down
And i cant have you around
Its been too long I've got to quit
Dealing with your same old shit.

So I guess I'll have to let you go
Because to me you're nothing more than a ho
And if you're wondering what made me tell you this....oh its cause i dont need you.......and you're a BITCH


Written By: Paul Palma & Trevor Rogers

He goes to sleep and he dreams about being somebody else
And the time just couldnt be more right till his fantasy starts to fall.

No i dont want to be the only one
That is being left behind with no place to go....

So get out ,get out ,get out, get out right now....get out of my head
I told you once, I told you twice I told you three times better do what I said...

Look at the story let it unfold
Right before your eyes
Reach in your pocket and find that its it is every time


We have released our album. Its an EP album whichs consists of 6 songs. You can check it out via streaming on and We are currently in the process of getting airplay on an independent radio station called The Edge in Phoenix, Az.

Set List


Long Debt
Coke & Guns
Weight and See
Just Like We Should
Blind Friends
Say Goodnight
Leave it all
Liquid Courage
Where Do We Go From Here
For the Last Time

Below Me is capable of rocking a varitey of are a few that they love to play:

Gimme 3 Steps- Lynard Skynard
Sweet Home Alabama- Lynard Skynard
Free Bird- Lynard Skynard
Mary Jane- Tom Petty
Layla- Eric Clapton
Hotel California- The Eagles
Santaria- Sublime
Jailhouse- Sublime
Badfish- Sublime
Johnny B. Goode- Chuck Barry
Dani California- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
In My Place- Coldplay
Don't Look Back in Anger- Oasis
Champagne Supernova - Oasis
and many more