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Below Tha Surface

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The new Beastie Boys, all about bringing fun to Hip-Hop. They've performed on Showtime at the Apollo and shared the stage at the Orange Bowl Beach Bash with JoJo, Ashley Simpson, and Big Boi from Outkast. Debut cd features Scales (Nappy Roots) and production by Vision (B5 of Badboy).


Maybe you saw them on Showtime at the Apollo and thought, “the new Beastie Boys?” That is the legendary Hip-Hop group that perhaps many may tie to Below Tha Surface. Known for their exciting high-energy stage performances and humorous lyrical content, Below Tha Surface takes you back to the time when hip-hop was all about fun. The group consists of two members, Mala (pronounced May-Lay) and Sev-Leven. They are a self-contained group that write and produce all their own material. Originally from the Midwest, the duo moved to Atlanta a few years ago to leave their imprint on the diverse ATL hip-hop sound and the rest of the world.

They recently released their debut cd, "Push Play," a title that resulted from a contest the group held which let their fans name the cd. Shortly after the cd release, Below Tha Surface was arrested outside a Nelly concert in Atlanta for promoting their album. The group was sentenced to several hours of community service for putting up "Push Play" posters.

Their sound is party-oriented with a fusion of East/West/Down South influences spawned from growing up in the Midwest. In addition, they create a unique sound by combining Rock guitars over synthesized Hip-Hop beats. Influences include everybody from old school artists like Beastie Boys, Slick Rick, EPMD, and Run DMC to more contemporary artists like N.E.R.D., OutKast and Ludacris. Mala’s production sound is influenced by the musical likes of Timbaland, Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Neptunes, and Lil Jon.

Though the group effectively gives the listener and audience a pleasurable experience, they also have a purpose. When asked what “Below Tha Surface” meant, Mala responded that “rather than having people judge us by our flesh tone, look below tha surface and recognize the true essence of our music and enjoy it.” Sev-Leven adds, “When you step into the realm of below tha surface, you can be yourself and free of labels.”

Since being in Atlanta, the group has gained a strong local following by performing at practically every hip-hop club that has doors on it. They’ve been busy winning one talent showcase after another, most notably the Rocket to Fame talent showcase/competition at Earthlink Live in 2003. There, they beat out over 170 pre-screened acts from Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Country, Acoustic, Pop, and Alternative genres. Their tremendous appeal has scored them performances at white colleges as well as step shows at black colleges.

Below Tha Surface kicked off 2005 with two incredible performances in Miami before thousands of people at the FedEx Orange Bowl Beach Bash and Miller Lite Orange Bowl Tailgate Party. In addition, Below Tha Surface has opened up for artists such as Run DMC, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz, Nappy Roots, Pastor Troy, and Bonecrusher. They've also captured nationwide exposure on TV by making appearances on Showtime at the Apollo, Spike TV, Turner South, and Atlanta cable access shows. Other accomplishments include radio play on WRAS, Atlanta (88.5) with their show-stopping "The Beat Goes."


(April, 2005) "Push Play"- the debut cd from Below Tha Surface. Features Scales from Nappy Roots and production by Vision (B5 of Badboy). The cd is fun, fun, and more fun. Called "Push Play" because all you have to do it push play on it and party the whole way through it!!

Set List

1. 3, 2, 1
2. Do It Now
3. Southern Belle
4. 8 Tracks
5. It's About to Get Live
6. Come On, Come On
6. Full Frontal Nudity

Sets average about 20-30 mins. Songs can be added/taken away as needed.