BELT.. is a "smart-alec grunge pop" band with a sound that's been compared to everything from "Simon and Garfunkel getting the crap kicked out of them by Led Zeppelin" to the "Beatles chopping up Radiohead with Dave Matthew's chainsaw." Quirky, ballsy and fun.


BELT ( quickly gained a rabid and loyal following when singer-songwriter, Terrence B (Originally from Maine) and singer, Paul Munoz (originally from California,) started as a duo trying to break onto the New York Anti-folk scene. Their addictive songs and haunting harmonies caught the attention of Check Other Records, an up and coming indie label, who helped them record an EP and their first full-length album.

Since then their sound has been rounded out by an ever-changing cast of brilliant musicians including Mike Bell (the lead guitar hero,) Haffro (the most enthusiastic,sexiest and huggable bassists ever) and a slew of incredible drummers such as Elliot Jacobson (Currently on tour with Ingid Michealson in support of Dave mathews Band,) and Ron Thaler (who's played with the likes of Sarah Mclachlan and Alicia Keys, and is currently featured on NBC's "Lipstick Jungle.)

Right now BELT can be found recording their next album at Tainted Blue Studios in Times Square, NYC; where they also host and co-produce "From the Penthouse:artist loft series," an exclusive monthly artist showcase/recording session(

Terrence, Paul and Mike can also be found performing with the Strange Kidz, an up and coming kids rock band for hip kids and their parents (


LP"Dead Come Back"
single-"In America" (featured on "As American As..." compilation released by Penny for the Guy Records.
we've also had a few tracks played on Pod shows, such as Audio Dynamite and the Fevered Brain radio network.

Set List

Our sets are usually 40min to an hour, though we've played over two hours straight on multiple occasions. If you don't tell us to stop, we'll keep going.

Night of the living Dead
Never Tired
Got a Hole
Spaced Out
the Ballad of Walter and Joanne
Last Tantrum
My Year on Earth
Ostrich Boy
the Shore
Greek Temper
Sorry Moe(cuz I'm the Boss)
Are you going to be O.K
My kind of Girl
St. Clair's Lament
the American Holiday Song
Are you going to be O.K?(untitled)
The Shaft
Distopian Lullabye
When the Dinosaurs Come Back from Outer Space
Happy Birthday Hillary

Character Zero
Why does Love got to be so Sad?
Synchronicity 2
Dazed and Confused
The Gummi Bears theme song