Katowice, Silesian Voivodeship, POL

one of the most interesting Polish folk groups. BELTAINE has made out its own unique sound thanks to the rare and brave skill of mixing traditional Celtic music with modern music.

BELTAINE’s concerts are always rousing music performance, which attract by both unconventional instruments, professionalism, virtuosity of musicians, and passion, joy of playing, spontaneity or unparalleled contact with audience


The Polish music group BELTAINE was created in the year of 2002. After a time of evolving and variations it shaped up into a group of seven musicians.
What makes this group special is an ability to conjoin different styles of music: they successfully commix a traditional irish, scottish, breton music (also a classical indian music) with contemporary one. What’s more, it’s characteristic of them to use the variety of instruments. These are not only traditional ones, such as fiddle, bouzuki, mandoline, whistles, bodhran, bombard, accordion or gaita pipes but they use rare percussion instruments (such as: tabla, cajon, darabuka, djembe) and electric, bass guitar or percussion as well

In 2011 Beltaine's won the Irish Music Awards in Top Celtic Rock Band category

BELTAINE performed in many festivals, same of them:

Montreal Tall Ships Races (Canada)
Pittsburgh Irish Festival (USA)
Shetland Folk Festival (Scotland)
Ollin Kan Festival (Mexico)
Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia)
Festival Interceltico de Sendim (Portugal)
FolkCelta Festival (Portugal)
Festival Pardinas (Spain)
Catalunya Celta Festival (Spain)
Celtie d'Oc (France)
Guinness Irish Festival (Switzerland)
Tom de Festa (Portugal)
Triskell Festival (Italy)
Nova Aria Celtic Festival (Italy)
Celtivales (France)
Patrimoine Vivant Festival (France)
Bustofolk Festival (Italy)
Celtica Festival (Italy)
Ethno-jazz Festival (Moldova)
Suglegos Festival (Lithuania)
Przystanek Woodstock (Poland)
Festiwal Beltine (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Zamek Festiwal (Poland)


- Rockhill (2004)
- KONCENtRAD ( 2007)
- Triu (2010)
- Live (2011)