Power pop, jangly rock, folk driven lyrical content. Often loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes jazzy and slightly weird.


Started off a recording project, turned into live band. Songs are stripped down power pop. Been playing in various configurations for 5 years. This group of players has been together for about 1 year. Influences include: Sebadoh, Husker Du, The Jam, The Spinanes, Wipers, Sonic Youth, etc.


Welcome, Nostalgia

Written By: Beltline

Welcome, nostalgia with your bared fangs
that rend my limbs with their growing pains
so for this last time
we'll raise our drinks into the air
and make believe that we still don't care

about how everything comes to ends
winding down and then giving in
age betraying convictions
and ease, it muddles our intentions

CH1: you're running out
and I'm running down
and last looks are better left for now
'cause I'm out of step
and you're out of time
and regrets are better left behind

Welcome, denial
getting bolder all the while
attempts at dominance over my common sense
all sorely lacking style
clinging tight to fading glories
reiterating same old stories
how nothing lasts, but really
the truth is you're just not willing

CH2: you're out of reach
and I'm out of line
and these tests are standing up to time
you've lost your grip
and I've lost my mind

Welcome nostalgia, with your bared fangs
tearing at our lives with this last refrain
you'll grow bored with permanence
but I'll defy this weak defense
and I'll shut down your pessimism
closing in on this division

Good day to getting laid
bar tabs in an ironic haze
the taking of liberties
comic books and coffee beans
strip bars, subway cars
NYC on the L for hours
Manic depressive, bright florescence and growing old in style


Written By: Beltline

Thought about it
for an hour
sat back down and banged my head against the counter
it's a complicated effort
you wouldn't understand
and what I really meant to say was
something more like "FUCK THE MAN!"
but now I'm older
and getting older
and what I really need's a good
cry upon your shoulder

CH1: Let's break the banks
tear down the system
grab coffee, head off to work
just like nothings ever happened
off color jokes and smoke breaks, sucking dry
our idyllic lack of substance

drunk in public
out of style
that scene is so played out
it hardly seems worth while
your roaring 20's
hung over 30's
seems such a waste your haste
in burning out so early

CH2: We'll rock the house
raise the roof up off the rafters
sink the ships with lips so loose
we'll loose what we sought after
and this means war
pitching fits, playing pretend
these gestures, like straw
so hollow they can't stand


"Welcome, Nostalgia" CD (KEEP Recordings)
"These Things You Do At 4am" CD (Jealous Butcher)
"Amatures on Platic" Teenbeat comp (MyMeanMagpie)
"First String Teenage High" Tullycraft comp (Bumblebear)

Set List

Most common set list:

On and on and on
Welcome, Nostalgia
Fits and Starts to Fit
Somewhere Between Theft...
When it Rains
The Catch
The New Rules
Without Lights or Sound

30-60 min set, most often 40 min

Covers include: American Girls (Tom Petty), She Is A Titian (Crabs), Houses of the Holy (Led Zeppelin), Felony Flats (Oswald 5-O)