Ben and the Sea

Ben and the Sea


Ben And The Sea are a trio from Newcastle, Australia who arrange awfully pretty songs. The creative force behind the band is lead singer and songwriter Ben Webb, whose story is a kind of journeyman’s tale. After two bouts with Bell’s palsy left Webb’s face partially paralyzed, he set out from his hometown of Port Stephens to travel around the world collecting notes and sounds.
Collaborating digitally with friends around the world he formed 'The Sea' a musical collective to support his writing


The Story So Far...
Armed with a guitar, a notebook, and a heart full of adventure, Ben Webb has been on a journey of discovery—and his fans love what he has found.

A musician at heart for as long as he can remember, Ben realised that life is what you make it after two bouts of Bell’s Palsy left his face partially paralysed. Ben packed his bags after wowing audiences up and down the east coast of Australia with his previous solo project. He said goodbye to his hometown of Port Stephens, New South Wales, and set off to find a new sound—wherever it might be. His journey took him to more than 15 countries over 12 months, playing shows throughout the Europe and the United Kingdom, before he finally settled in Belgium. It was here, in the heart of Europe, that Ben hada chance to collect his thoughts and write “This Long Old Road…”, a three-part concept album that pays homage to the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley, whilst maintaining a distinct,original sound.“

‘This Long Old Road…’ was originally intended to be a simple solo project,” says Ben, “but my travels brought me into contact with some phenomenal musicians, and they each put their own special stamp on it.The Sea was born.” The Sea is a collection of musicians from around the world, brought together by a shared passion for music.

“These songs are different to anything I’ve ever done before. It’s the sound and idea that I’ve always searched for but could never really achieve until now,” Ben says of his latest endeavour. “The music is a lot more laidback than ever before, as most of the songs were written in relaxed environments—like on a night train moving through the Czech Republic, or whilst watching the sun set on a Thai horizon … it was all during a time of great reflection.”



Written By: Benjamin Webb


Ill tear me down ?But you’ll pick me up.
I’ll drink it dry
But you fill my cup
I’m loosing steam
but you are my fire
Hear the words of truth
come from a liar

I’ll break your heart
But you love again
I’ll sell you out
with my blood filled pen

when all else fails
when life grown cold
find words deny from
the mouth that you told

This bitter cold
This winters storm
Takes more than heat to grow


We’re fading out
we’re living high
singing out for our hands are tied

This threshing floor
this silent cave
tattoo my eyes
with a holy gaze


Written By: Benjamin Webb

May all of the roads that i build
Lead to your heart
and May All of the times that i failed
Be called false starts

Cause im man enough to say
When i've been wrong
So i cry out into the night
May the weak become strong
The weak become strong.

I've seen my greatest friend
Become my enemy
And i've turned my back on love
so carelessly
So how long, how long, how long
Must i be gone?
Before you come and show me how
to get blood from this stone

And oooooohhhh This kingdom will cry out
Turn not from me

I've forgotten all of those things
That i never regret
And although i saved all i could
i'm still in your debt
So come now oh come now
and take me home
or bring peace to this house
Nava Shalom

And oooohhhh this kingdom will cry out
Turn not from me.

Breathe In

Written By: Benjamin Webb


I'm not in the river
I'm not in the stream
you can search out the mountain
but you won't find me

You can sail on the ocean
Search out the sea
look out into the heavens
But you won't find me

mmmm just breathe in.

I'm not in the shadow
nor the trees when they sway
and im not hidden in the rhythm
nor the fading of the day

mmmm breathe in
mmmm just breathe in.

The Sailor

Written By: Benjamin Webb


This land that i walk on
Is not my own
and although i know this city
Its not my home
For i was called to wander
And i was called to roam
I was born a sailor
Upon the water not on stone

Salt is in my bones
and waters in my veins
and when the wind she blows...
we set sail

My mother was the ocean
My father he would say
and he sailed to show he loved her
until her arms he did lay
so if you see me dancing
in the arms of the sea
Stare out at my homeland
in the distance between we

because Salt is in my bones and waters
in my veins and when the wind she blows... we set sail

Set sail.

Fistfull of Driftwood

Written By: Benjamin Webb


I've got a fistfull of driftwood
I tore it from my heart
I've got a book full of stories
but i don't know where to start
I've got a life full of romance
and finding devils in the dark
and a night full of skyline
but there are no stars to chart

so i throw down my anchor
Yes i throw down my anchor

I've got bag full of regrets
and im breaking with the load
got an eye full of bloodshot
and two feet that know the road
I've got a price on my freedom
but pockets full of gold
and the folly of youthdom
mixed with the wisdom of old

So i throw down my anchor
Yes i throw down my anchor

I've got a fistfull of driftwood
Fistfull of driftwood
Fistfull of driftwood.

The Angels Sing

Written By: Benjamin Webb

take a broken man and redeem
fight shadows beyond painted dreams

the angels sing

a wonderland of purity and fire
for a city that will not expire

the angels sing

the chance to feel the rush of the chase
To feel the wind caress your weathered face

the angels sing

With feather unseen by the eye
Climb to see a land living on high

the angels sing


EP - A life Outside (2011, Independent)