Ben and Vesper

Ben and Vesper

 West Orange, New Jersey, USA

Ben + Vesper play Extra special rock and roll music for extra special people. But not just any extra special people. You don't really have to be special. As long as our music is extra special to you.


“Married couple Ben and Vesper sing together in haunting duets that sound a lot like two Disneyfied hyenas, yowling at each other as they strategize and finally corner a zebra.”
Alex Konye, Vue Weekly

Ben + Vesper are that musical married couple from NJ. They are the ones that are dually described as “lightly entwined earthbound angels” and “two Disneyfied hyenas, yowling at each other.” However you choose to describe their sound, it’s agreed that Ben + Vesper are a fresh, strange and important voice growing strong in the indie music world.

Since joining up with Sounds Familyre in 2005, Ben + Vesper have been busy recording, performing and collaborating with the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Daniel Smith (Danielson), Kurt Weisman (Feathers) and Chris Weisman (Happy Birthday). As a band, Ben + Vesper is a musical spectrum. They are the full-on five-piece rock outfit, or the intricate and dynamic duo, or the high school theater pit band. Ben + Vesper’s versatility on stage and in the studio comes from their love of working with musicians from different genres and backgrounds, while Ben + Vesper’s vocals remain always at the helm.

Ben + Vesper’s first full length entitled All This Could Kill You (Sounds Familyre, 2007) earned hefty praise from Pitchfork with a 7.5 rating, in addition to being featured in Magnet Magazine’s “Magnified” section. All This Could Kill You also attracted many positive reviews from print and web-based publications, including Paste, Dusted, Anthem, Harp, Venuszine, American Songwriter, Under The Radar and Relevant. To support this release, Ben + Vesper toured the east coast.

The 2010 release, LuvInIdleness (Sounds Familyre, 2010), is a five-song pop anthem produced, arranged and recorded by Sufjan Stevens. In tandem with the release of LuvinIdleness, Ben + Vesper produced their first music video which was premiered on Stereogum. Drowned in Sound described the title track in their “Singles of the Week”, describing it as “a terror to type it is heaven to listen to…” Paste Magazine highlighted LuvinIdleness in their recent “Best of What’s Next” interview with Ben + Vesper.

2010 also found Ben + Vesper on tour with Danielson, being featured on Weathervane’s Shaking Through series, playing at SXSW, at the Egersund Visefestival music festival in Norway, and at POP! Montreal to enthusiastic fans.

Ben + Vesper’s second full length album (their fourth release on Sounds Familyre), HONORS, was just released in January 2011. Their single, My Father’s Eyes, premiered on Stereogum in October. HONORS was produced by Daniel Smith and Brian McTear and includes contributions from Sufjan Stevens and Holler, Wild Rose! members John Mosloskie and Steve Oyola, as well as Josh Stamper of Danielson. These three musicians provide the virtuoso rhythm section who are currently performing with Ben + Vesper as part of their live shows.


HONORS (January 2011, Sounds Familyre Records)
LuvInIdleness (February 2010, Sounds Familyre Records)
All This Could Kill You (May 2007, Sounds Familyre Records)
More Questions EP (Nov. 2006, Sounds Familyre Records)

Ben + Vesper are on rotation on radio and internet stations.

Set List

An assortment of songs from our four albums, as well as occasional tributes.