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Ben Arnold

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. . . an outstanding songwriter with a rough-around-the-edges vocal style and the talent to write hooky, melodic tunes. His songs have always had more to say then the typical singer-songwriter stuff you’ll hear these days even though he can write a love song like the best of them.


From big budget major label record deals to self-financed recordings, Philadelphia-based singer and songwriter Ben Arnold has seen both sides of the proverbial coin. It’s a journey that has no doubt informed his songwriting. But, despite the highs and lows, Ben finds himself exactly where he’s meant to be in his career, a self-sustaining artist composing his finest songs to date, playing to a loyal, ever-expanding audience and on the verge of releasing a new album that is yet another benchmark in his steadily growing discography.

Becoming the first singer-songwriter ever signed to the groundbreaking independent record label Ropeadope, Ben Arnold’s new collection of songs, Nevermind My Blues is available nationwide on October 30. The very fact that Ropeadope (a label best known for cutting edge artists like The Benevento-Russo Duo, King Britt, Sex Mob and Tin Hat) would offer a home to an artist in a genre it’s never yet navigated speaks volumes about the universal appeal of Ben’s artistry.

“We’ve never had a singer-songwriter in nearly 10 years as a label because we never really felt that anyone had that ‘Ropeadope vibe’ to them,” states label founder Andy Hurwitz. “But when the opportunity to sign Ben came along, we had to go for it. I’ve been a huge fan for years. He’s easily one of my favorite contemporary living artists.”

Ben Arnold has toured throughout the United States and Europe with various line-ups both solo and with his rollicking live band. He has shared a stage with everyone from Ryan Adams, David Gray, Ben Folds and Lucinda Williams to Ron Sexsmith, Randy Newman and even a strangely magical week in Holland with Townes Van Zandt. While maintaining a relatively low touring profile during the recording and in the build up to the release of Nevermind My Blues, Ben plans to tour extensively throughout 2007 and 2008.

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Nevermind My Blules - 2007 (Ropeadope)
Calico - 2004 (SCI Fidelity)
Pretzel Park w/ 4 Way Street - 2003 (Sanctuary/BMI)
In Case I'm Gone Tomorrow - 2000 (Independent)
Almost Speechless - 1996 (Columbia)

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