ben baldwin

ben baldwin


Ben Baldwin is an Acoustic singer/songwriter. Our music is an explosion of freshly squeezed acoustic rock, just in time for summer!


A native of Massachusetts, Ben Baldwin settled into the Roanoke area in 1997. He graduated from Patrick Henry High School, where he staged his first live performance for the senior class in the school theatre.

Ben’s music has been a work of passion from the very beginning. He first began teaching himself to play acoustic guitar at age eleven. His determination to play a favorite song started him on a musical journey that continues even today. With no previous background in music, Ben began teaching himself to play and, in the process, started to find his own sound along the way.

Drawing on a wide array of influences such as Dave Matthews, Goo Goo Dolls, Jack Johnson, David Gray, U2, John Mayer, Jimmy Eat World, Nickel Creek and Smashing Pumpkins, Ben began to find the sound that he would come to be known for. As he continued to hone his musical skills playing songs that he knew, Ben began to play music of his own as well. As he continued to grow his repertoire, he started looping and layering his instruments, allowing him to create a sound resembling that of multiple musicians performing together at once. Ben continues to perform in a “one-man” style that hearkens to contemporary singer-songwriter and jam bands such as John Mayer, Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz . When performing on stage, he can often be seen playing a minimum of three instruments, including acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin and even some percussion.

His most recent CD release, For The Dreams, recorded at Flat Five Studios, captures and showcases his ability to deliver the whole band experience to the listener. The tracks are built on his ear-catching guitar riffs and clean, yet probing lyrics, which quickly draw the listener in. From the earnest opening track, Star, to the dreamy and deftly woven layers of Heart, and the laid-back, summery Who Knows, every track is a unique treat. Ben crafts tracks that can soothe the ears, provoke the mind and bare the soul. “I draw inspiration from life every day,” he says, laughing.


For the Dreams

Set List

Set List will vary from show to show never being quite the same. Ben Baldwin and the Trio of musicians that accompany him will play about three, 45 minute sets if needed and if it is a single slot, such as a festival or event depending on time frame, will play one, 45 minute set of originals and a maximum of three cover songs.