Ben Belieu

Ben Belieu


Ben evokes powerful emotions, placid tranquility, explores emotions, musical styles, philisophy, influences Cat S, Bob D, N Young, Nirvana, Elliot Smith. aims for the heart, pierces with truth, sincerity, compassion, incite, maintains subtle hopefulness.


Ben evokes powerful emotions and placid tranquility. He explores the guantlet of emotions and various musical styles and philisophical issues, remaining true to folk roots (Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel), with the intensity of Nirvana and beautiful melodies reminiscent of Elliot Smith. Ben aims for the heart and soul, pierces with truth, sincerity, compassion and incite, while maintaining subtle effervescence and hopefulness.

Ben is different than most other musicians because he is sincere, his voice is unique and captivating, soft and supple yet powerful and passionate. His lyrics are inspiring and hopeful.

He grew up on Bainbridge Island, a small artsy town, during the grunge years and was influenced by some traumatic experiences involving horribly depraved and angry peers which sent him into seclusion and he began writing, at first as a way to self sooth and then as a reaction agaisnt the negativity and angst of his surroundings. He left the Island to study at Seattle Central Community College two years into highschool and opened his mind to the world and its multitudinous representatives from all walks of life. He learned music theory, composition, piano, and jazz, while playing various shows on the Island. At UW he developed new incite and depth in his lyrics and now he is expoding into the world like the phoenix reemerging from its ashes.

Ben's folk influences are Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel; electronic influences are Dephechemode; rock influences are Nirvana, Elliot Smith, the Smiths, Queen, Beatles, Alice n Chains, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Smashing Pumpkins; and r and b influences are Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Craig David.


Let it Bleed

Written By: Ben Belieu

Verse 1
The people standing round a fire made of dreams
Warming their fingertips and curiosity
No one can see the danger lurking in the breeze
They’re freezing in a world of animosity

Bleed let it bleed let it bleed let it bleed
Is all I can do for my country is free
Bleed let it bleed let it bleed let it bleed
Is all I can do Until I’m free

Verse 2
And in the city there is rioting and death
The city and the gathering marked with regret
Guerrilla warriors and political unrest
The empty faces filling silent lungs with breath

The Feeling that I Get

Written By: Ben Belieu

Verse 1
Yesterday seems just like today
The girl I loved with all my heart left me
She said she loved me but she couldn’t stay
I still don’t know why she went away
Still I’m yearning, yearning for your touch
Still I feel I’m yearning too much

It’s the feeling that I get
When I’m looking down my steps
And I find her in the arms of
Another man

It’s the feeling that I get
When she puts me to the test
And I find her in the arms of
Another man

Well my heart sinks in my chest
And it’s dripping down my sleeves
She’s never coming back to me

It’s the feeling that I get
When I watch them as they leave
And she turns to look back at me
Through the leaves

Verse 2
What the hell am I supposed to do?
Girl I tried I’m still in love with you
Still I’m yearning, yearning for your touch
Still I feel I’m yearning too much

Verse 3
Close my eyes and make it go away
You packed your bags but you’ll be back someday
Still I’m yearning, yearning for your touch
Still I feel I’m yearning too much

Brown Eyes

Written By: Ben Belieu

Verse 1
Brown eyes and a dusty smile
Haven’t seen that in a while
Seems like everybody’s frowning these days

Red eyes and a rusty smile
From a life lived in denial
Seems like everybody’s living this way

Verse 2
Rusty floor and a rusty nail
Watch yourself or you’ll be impaled
Seems like that’s the world that we live in

It may be true that life’s a trip
But what you see is what you get
Now you got to choose what to do with it

And now it’s time for a moment of truth
Close your eyes
Take a moment to think this through

Rolling the boulder up the hill again
And down the hill the boulder rolls again
But beware of the moment when you give up
Someone else will pick up where you left off

Verse 3
And now back to the plot
Brown eyed girl in a red eyed lot
The question isn’t why but what

We all know why
Many lay beaten by life’s roadside
Not all victims of their own device

Verse 4
The question that I’m getting at
Has more to it than that
Even the friend of the world can be attacked

What happens when bad things
Happen to good human beings
Is there any hope for you and me


Celluloid Closet, Invisible by Day

Set List

Brown Eyes, Do You Want to Know?, Missing in Your Eyes, Incredible, Little Star, The River of Life, The Feeling that I Get, Someday, Let it Bleed (my own song), SDR, 20 years old, 2 years waiting, 2 years, Angel of My Life, Blue Roses, Egyptian Angel, Burn Like Fire, Sometimes it's Hard, Until Fear, Falling Star, She Laments