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The Party Princess

Written By: Ben Briedis

Paid to party and to play all day
The party princess arrives today
She's been flown in fresh from the US of A

There's a crowd around - she's the girl in white
With cameras flashing she's quite the sight
And excitement's thick in the flickering light

She'll be rushing off to make the openning of a club that bears her name
There'll be interviews about perfume use
Her current plans
For her clothing brand,
Her recent look
And her dog's new book

The party princess arrives today
And they come from all around to see the princess showing off her crown wo-oh-ow

Stand in line - she's sure to pass by
Carpet's out, limos are nearby
A buzz breaks out and the crowd surges
Here she comes!
Here she comes!


Would I Be The Same?

Written By: Ben Briedis

Would I be the same if my parents had slept the day after they did?
If they'd tossed their dice in some different way would I be the same kid?
Given the change would I see through these eyes?
If all was the same, then how would things lie
If fate had tried X instead of a Y
And I was a girl instead of a guy
Then what would it mean?
Would she be me?

Would I be the same if I'd chosen other paths to the ones that I did?
Have the choices I've made changed the way that I feel and the way that I think?
If I'd used all my days to push my career far
Or been less ambitious and worked in a bar
Or found true love with some girl from afar
And now viewed the world with eyes full of stars
Then how would it be?
Would I still be me?

Would the world be the same if I never was born and I never was seen?
Would those that remain be the same as they are if I never had been?
If I'd been bad or if I'd been good
If I'd been famous or just misunderstood
If I had fathered the whole neighbourhood
Or lived as a monk just as a monk should
Would the world be the same?
A world without me?

Far Side of the World

Written By: Ben Briedis

I leave home early and work until dark but
I'm never angry cause my life's in a rut
Because one day soon I'll be going away

Time moves so slowly and my mind goes astray
I've trouble sitting still day after day
But I know soon I'll be going away

I've got a girl who's as good as can be
She's working hard too for the upcoming spree
Because she knows that soon we'll be going away

We're gonna see the far side of the world
Oh we're going to breathe some fresh air
Yes we're gonna see the far side of the world
And we'll take our time when we're there
And we'll be basking in a sun that's shining bright
Relaxing every day and dancing every night

While we are young we need to see what there is to see
Travel the world -- yes on that we're agreed
And it won't be too long till we're flying away

I hope the travelling spirit will bring
A place that is far from where money is king
And if it does that's where we'll stay


Da da ...
We'll be basking in a sun that's shining bright
Relaxing every day and dancing every night