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Ben Brown


I write and play for stage is my living room.

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Painted Princess

Written By: Ben Brown

Well, I’m no artist but I tried to paint you in a scene
But I found the pallet dried and brushes weren’t clean
And resting with the mess a beauty’s portrait left behind
Unclaimed and abandoned, she hadn’t yet been signed
Well I recognized her texture and it sparked my memory
Rekindling a fire once put out by destiny
Now each and every brush stroke fanned the flame that filled my mind
And left me burning for the answers that I knew I’d have to find
Who on earth would paint then leave this lovely vision all alone
Cause I know my imagination can’t create this on its own
Oh, painted princess
Well, I reached to hold her closer but the moment that we touched
The painted princess came to life and I was being clutched
She said, “It’s not a fairytale but we are meant to be”
And she sounded just as genuine when she said she loved me
Then she told me all her woes and how she’s finally content
How she’s so glad that I found her and I knew just what she meant
Well, she said she’s looking for a home, not looking for a name
So I gathered all that I could find and built for her a frame
I asked her if there’s anywhere that she would want to be
She said she’d prefer a cabin rather than a gallery
Oh, painted princess
Now, I thought her too good to be true, it turns out I was right
Cause the paint fell off the canvas in the middle of the night
I asked her what had done this but she only had one word
It was spoken by her actions and the changes that occurred
Well, I had to find her artist to repaint the girl I knew
Then she broke the news that all along that the artist had been you
You never thought she’d tell me but much to your surprise
She revealed that she’d been painted not with colors but with lies
Well if what she tells me now really turns out to be true
Then I loved the one you painted and never had a love for you
Oh, tainted princess
So now you are admitting it was all a forgery
And the princess that you painted was your way of framing me
All I wanted was a chance to paint what I saw of you
But you left me a self-portrait so there’s nothing I could do
Well, sometimes a watercolor is as good as you will get
When it looks like a Picasso but turns out a counterfeit
And so this lesson’s learned and its purposes I find
Will remind me in the future, if it’s real it will be signed
Now I’ll only love a masterpiece whose corner bears the name
Of the artist painting me and whose signature’s the same
Oh, painted princess

Love's Like Death

Written By: Ben Brown

Love's like death, it takes away your breath
And that’s the cost so breathe a little less
Love’s like life, you never can rewind
So when it’s lost it is so hard to find

And I always gave - With a smile on my face
But I couldn’t make - You do the same

Love’s like death, because it’s not a test
It is the grade by which you’re cursed or blessed
Love’s like life, it never says goodbye
It seems to fade but can’t be left behind

And while you would say - That I had to stay
You couldn’t play - By the rules you made

Love’s like death, cause it’ll never end
Once you begin it you’ll rise or you’ll descend
Love’s like life, well you can never buy
Yourself a minute or self another try

So I won’t pay - With a dime or a day
To find another way - To make you stay

Love’s like death, so you can save your breath
Just take a rest and breathe when love has left
Love’s like life, cause you’ve got to decide
To give your best or let it pass you by

But I won’t say - That I’ve got it made
Til I find a way - To do the same


Written By: Ben Brown

The winter wind was sent again to blow our love away
But I’d fight to hold it tight and keep you one more day
My mighty grip began to slip as I did what I could
One more call to end it all and we were done for good

Well, you said you need a dreamer, I said that’s something I can’t do
Because you know I’m a believer in only what I know is true

I don’t know why I didn’t cry til I got off the phone
But with those tears arose my fears of being all alone
And so somehow I’m dreaming now for what is out of reach
I’ve left behind my made-up mind to practice what you preach

Well, I found out I’m a dreamer, cause I’m wishing that we weren’t through
And I still am a believer in the love I shared with you

Well winter’s gone and you moved on but left me in the cold
The wind still blows and I’m still froze cause there’s no one to hold
But this storm will someday warm when heaven shines a beam
Down from the sun upon the one who wanted me to dream

Now I know I need a dreamer, cause that’s the only thing I do
And when you become a believer I will see my dream come true

And when you find out you’re a dreamer, there’s nothing that you can’t do
Well, you might make a believer out of someone else like you

Well, I’m still a believer in the day I’ll dream with you.