Ben Cameron

Ben Cameron


Paul Simon. Cat Stevens. Strong melody. Smart Lyrics.


Ben Cameron has been writing songs since 13. No stranger to the stage, Ben fronted the popular rock band, The Bluff, during his stint at Vanderbilt University. College graduation also meant transitioning to writing songs influenced more by strong melody and smart lyrics. Lyrically, Ben draws from his childhood living abroad in England and Italy - one part steeped metaphor - and from his six year living in Nashville - that part being honest and peppered with a sense of fun.

With the believe that we all seek and own a place where we can laugh inside ourselves, Ben believes there is a darker place that we guard as well. ItÂ’s our fears and bruises and everything else. The heart is a sanctuary for both of those places, so Ben writes from both perspectives.

Whether backed by a full band or alone on acoustic Ben fills the room and leaves fans wanting more.