Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Leftwood sound could be described as alternate rock. West Australian artist Ben Chase returns as vocalist having been the producer for many other vocalists/songwriters in the last decade. Prepare to be enticed further....


West Australian producer/songwriter Ben Chase is set to reveal the long awaited sounds of Leftwood. This can be described as pop rock meets electronica with stoner rock undertones.

Reviews in Garageband.com are quoted as saying The lead vocals reminded me so much of coldplay and the song in general was a mix between them and queen. it was filled with intense lyrics as well as perfect melodies Mbayaren777. Ben put up the track D Day on Garageband.com to test the water and to his surprise it was given several awards including #3 Best Alltime Melody for Pop/rock.

This CD Sampler is an industry preview to the forthcoming album System Bliss due for release in the beginning of 2006. Up till now Ben has kept Leftwood anouncements to a minimum until he was totally sure it was ready to unleash. Included are some killer singles to be consecutively released starting with Break This Silence, then D Day, Bed of Roses and Come Back. Other artists who contributed are:

Paul Woseen bass/guitar (Screaming Jets)
Malcolm MacKintosh guitar (Cat Soup, Skank)
Kim Jones bass, additional harmonies (Spencer Tracey, The Fool)
Mathew Branton bass (Dr F)
Simon Blake lead guitar
Tim Johnson and Jay Winter additional guitar

Some of the tracks were derived or inspired from the sound track to the short film Gifted Thumbs by Peter Templeman. Additional co-production, co-writing by Paul Woseen, Kim Jones and Malcolm MacKintosh. Leftwood is currently being assembled to showcase the CD in 2006
The project began in late 2002 in the home town of Perth. Ben just couldnt contain himself as a singer any longer. Too many projects where he was humming melodies to other singers or hammering out his talents on the keyboard or drum pads.
Ben Chase - As the stuff comes out it naturally takes on a progressive and often psychedelic groove. With lyrics that can run as deep as you want to see them. Mixed with combinations of melodic bass and guitar lines, a free movement between simple and big vocal arrangements, strings, acoustic guitars, drums and samplesanything goes.
Often these songs are taking ME for a ride. I ride that hits many parallels!
And of coarse I enjoy playing them live in various different formats. This is Leftwood. Thats its nature. To just let the pen wander and the fingers take over.

Many late night jams, coffee and sweat went into the songs that make up a timeless set of works that will remain peoples minds for many years to come.
The bands influences include Beatles, Radiohead, Coldplay, Led Zeplin, Deep Purple, Queen, Pink Floyd, Mountain, Sex Pistols, White Stripes, Muse, Ben Harper, Alex Lloyd, Jeff Buckley, U2, Machine Gun Fellatio and Police.

Ben has been a full time producer/composer for over 15 years. Composing for film, theatre and multimedia. Producing other artists such as Samantha Jade, Sonny Morgan and Brett Collins at his studio in Perth. Also remixing tracks like Alice and Gone from Stoneface and Afraid by Crawlspace. He is currently working with producer Dave McKinney of Flow Dynamics (formerly from Rhibozome) on a number of remixes and fresh dance and soul tracks, soon to be released in conjunction with Bens own label Tectonic Music and Daves various labels.
Some of his other personal projects take on a more electronic nature in outfits such as Core Element (funky vocal house with a bit of triphop flavour), Pollster (energetic electronica/electro/drum&bass;) and bc slaam (various remixes and co-projects) . And then theres Schmo King Motor an eclectic and thoroughly "out there" live jam experiment with the guys from Scary where Ben is the guitarist. But in all these projects Ben isnt the lead vocalist. In Leftwood he exercises his true passion for the voice. Revisiting his calling as a singer as he did several years back in Existence and presenting a more live mix of instrumentation. The other projects provide Ben with a unique perspective in which to write. And it gives Leftwood an edge that crosses over into many genres.


D Day

Written By: Ben Chase

Start walkin away or else it stays the same
No chance to re-arrange… your fate
It brings you rolling down
the mountain where you hide
The tide has turned it all around

If you could see your life right now
It’s your D Day
You say a soul mate lights up your life
Then why sail away

As you forget who's wrong or right... in time
You just take it in your stride
why would you throw it away
you’ll find a change that comes about
that turns your life around, upside down

If you could see your life right now
It’s your D Day
You say a soul mate lights up your life
Then why sail away


If you could see your life right now
It’s your D Day
You say a soul mate lights up your life

Bed Of Roses

Written By: Ben Chase

Bed of Roses © Ben Chase 2003
Written and produced by Ben Chase

(verse 1)
There's not enough time in the day
to say what I've to say, to say what I've to say
and even though my story could be wrong, could be wrong
I still go on
But the message still stays strong
as your roses grow high

I knew there was somethin in what you were sayin (grow high)
I'm longing for your bed of roses
And if I crash, I’ll come up burnin

(verse 2)
So many things I have to do
but I want to be with you, want to be with you
but I have to finish this I wont be long, wont be long
you carry on
that was when I started to stray
got across that highway

I knew there was somethin in what you were sayin (grow high)
I'm longing for your bed of roses

I'll meet you on the other side
in our garden where we can hide
as the carousel goes round
and the roses grow high

I knew there was somethin in what you were sayin (grow high)
I'm longin for you bed of roses
I knew there was somethin in what you were doin (grow high)
I'm longin for your bed of roses
and if I crash, I'll come up burnin

Stolen Wings

Written By: Ben Chase

[verse 1]
Well the prize isn’t pretty
You’re a cog in a real
machine with a smoking gun
and nothing can be undone, nothing can be undone
oh it’s so crazy, so crazy, nowhere to run

She’s thinking about it, about letting it go
She looks out her window
Of bus number 51
She’s searchin for something vaguely familiar
So many stories rising above her

She watched them sail across the pale blue sky
And then she left it all behind
And no-one was going to change her mind
She was destined for bliss

[verse 2]
If you pack now then you could blow it for real
And head for the rising sun
And you could be so far gone, you could be so far gone
The skies are blazing they’re blazing
What have you done

She’s thinking about it, about letting it go
Don’t let them see you
Don’t let them know
That this decision, that was meant to be easy
Now has her frozen when she’s next in line

She watched them sail across the pale blue sky
This time she left it all behind
No more pressure to deliver
And all the other crap she can just waive

This is us


EP: Break This Silence