New York City, New York, USA
BandRockAdult Contemporary

"Pure pop melodies in reserved arrangements that allow the simple beauty of the songs free reign are the order of the day, and Bend serves them up with aplomb."


Bend is the factory through which singer/songwriter Yoav Erez develops and produces his piano-driven sound bytes. Established in Tel Aviv, Israel in early 2005, Yoav moved his project to New York City later that year, bringing with him the idea of the group and a rough demo to work from. Moving to the states was the natural progression for Yoav, who always had a deep affinity for American music and culture, and his passion enabled him to quickly find new band members. Over the past few years, BEND has been performing at various New York venues, such as Canal Room and Arlene’s Grocery, developing a loyal fan base while working on “The Helpless E.P.” and an ever-growing collection of songs.
Although Yoav still continues to be the driving force behind the group, Bend has had numerous members who each contributed some of their own creativity to the music and their influences are clearly present in the sound of the band. Today the band is made of Shahar Fridman on bass, Carl Basler on electric guitar and backup vocals, and Zachary Eldridge on drums. Originally inspired by bands like Queen, early Radiohead, and Coldplay, Yoav has developed BEND’s eclectic sound–a mix of hard pop and hammering piano jams defined by distinctive melodies, catchy rhythms and a vibrant edge seldom heard in piano rock bands.


2009 - The Helpless E.P.