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Ben Davis' second solo record is a marvelous swirl of '70s piano balladry ("Departure Warning"), Elliott Smith-styled folk-pop ("Old and Played"), and surreal, psyche-tinged rock worthy of Mercury Rev ("Blue-Hearted Sleeve"). But far from sullen, the record is a hazy interpretation of everything from late-period Beatles to Village Green-era Kinks to Pink Floyd. Just when songs like the slinky "In Either Words" seem to bear the post-rock trademarks of Davis' groups Sleepytime Trio and Bats & Mice, the melody will shift to a pure pop hook or Beatlesque harmonies will slip into the mix. At it's best, Aided & Abetted represents the work of a musician freeing himself from whatever genre constraints he has previously been bound by, and going in whatever direction he wants. And it's this kind of songwriting that often creates the most thought-provoking records in an artist's catalog. - Aided&Abetted review


**Hushed Patterns of Relief - (10 songs) 2001 Lovitt Records**
**Pox World Record’s Compulation Vol. 1 – (1 song) 2002 Pox World**
**Aided & Abetted - (12 songs) 2003 Lovitt Records**
**Aided & Abetted - Japanese Version with Bonus Track (13 Songs) 2003 Catune Records**
**Elliott Smith Tribute - Live CD – (3 songs) 2004 Cats’ Cradle**
**WUAG Compilation CD – (2 live songs) 2004 WUAG**
**Live at XM radio – ( 7 songs) ITUNES exclusive 2004 Lovitt Records**
**Carnivore Preservation Trust benefit compilation -(1 song) 2004 Fractured Discs**
**HIPS Benefit Compilation - (1 song) 2004 Exotic Fever Recs**
**Lovitt/Saddle Creek Compilation - Hot Topic Stores(1song) 2005 Lovitt Records
** “Critically Acclaimed” Surf DVD soundtrack - ( 2 songs) 2006 Digital Wunderland**
**PLAY! Music for Kids Complilation - (1exclusive song) 2007 Desoto Records**
**Battle of The Beards (5 songs BD,5 Des Ark, 2 collaborative) 2007 Lovitt Records**
**Untitled,written, recorded, full length record (11 songs) spring 2009 Lovitt Records**



Ben Davis began his musical career in punk bands Sleepytime Trio and Milemarker, and has developed into a musician with diverse interests and influences.

Lovitt Records released the critically acclaimed The Hushed Patterns of Relief in 2001 which was recorded at Salad Days by Brian McTernan. The record began as a quiet four-track project, Davis' first release was a tightly knit collaboration of Chapel Hill musicians performing sparse pop pieces. Cello, lap-steel guitar, and piano accentuate the wash of guitars and full vocal melodies detailing recurring motifs that rise and swell throughout the record.

Two years later, a collaboration between many friends resulted in his second full length release, Aided & Abetted. Sixteen musicians and six production gurus came from six states during four recording and mixing sessions to contribute to the album. Members from Engine Down, Milemarker, Denali, Des Ark, and Fin Fang Foom, among others, were involved in the performance of this scintillating work. The album underscores a marked maturity that has evolved since his first album and is a calculated mix of melancholy rock and bright, textured pop.

2007 hearkens the release of Davis' collaboration with good friend and fellow Triangle resident, Aimee Argote, who performs as Des Ark. The Battle of the Beards, their 12-song joint effort comprising five songs each and two songs together along with a 20-piece orchestra, is a masterful revelation. The slow builds and soft confessionals of the Des Ark tracks play perfect counterpoint to Davis' pulsing songcraft. The split album shows the potential of alliance and the unspoken complements of friendship.

Davis has played with such artists as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mates of State, Pinback, Ted Leo, The Rosebuds, and Rainer Maria with critical and popular reviews.

BD has toured Europe , Japan and the United States and performed on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage in 2006.

He has songs on over 10 additonal releases including comps, skate and surf DVDs, and a split CD of Lovitt and Saddle Creek records artists including Bright Eyes, Engine Down, and The Faint