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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Bendecos @ planet kensington"

Lastnight was a pleasant surprise. I have known the Bendecos by many names, and many incarnations. Some of these songs and riffs I have known for most of my life. But never before had I heard these fellows play their music with such familiarity, and skill. The band itself has matured, and allowed the artists to grow within. The entire rhythm section has become incredibly tight, and effective, while the lead instruments/artists have gained an appreciation for presence, and definition within the audio spectrum. Lastnight I experienced moments of not only chanting along with these songs, but actively encouraging them. I am glad to have gone.
- The Spectacle

"Bendecos first show"

A Bendecos night of firsts...

It was the 1st of July when Toronto native Blues Punk band Bendecos played their 1st show. The day was hot and the night was hotter as fans crammed the Kathedral (Queen and Bathirsty in Toronto) for Frygirls second annual Pot festival. The moon was full and the air was fragrant...with lots of reefer smoke. A squeegy kid was hit by a car. A biker on a ten speed was hit by a car. Nine police cruisers showed up for an assault on a woman outside and fights were evident everywhere but inside the Pot fest. Psycadelic cookies at the door ensured everyone was in a perfect mood for Bendecos music. The sound sucked and things went wrong but a grande time was had by all. Although the show was less then full potential, The Bendecos have a karma in their music distinctly their own. Songs like 'Wish I had a burner in my hand' and 'friends call him Lu' make them a fresh and new element to the Toronto Underground. Way 5 stars.

--The Junky City Times

- Junky City times


HOLY FUCK ITS THE BENDECOS ( 5 song e.p )- 2007
we are everywhere, just look down


Feeling a bit camera shy


In early 2003, guitarist Foleyhuck and drummer Often Baffled posted an add looking for musicians interested in playing a motorhead meets old pink floyd style of music. Shortly after they came across a similar add mentioning the same two bands. That post was from Bob Bitchin, a multi- instrumentalist with an insane tolerence to substance consumption. Bitchin had a home studio in his basement and the band gradually recorded THE ROAD TO GOOD INTENTION demo. A concept cd with several different musical directions, the one constant was the fast loud stuff. The band left alot of mistakes on the demo, anyone who has been in a half decent studio knows that even if your horrible, they can still make you sound good. When the bendecos finally do have enough cash to record a serious album, it will be littered with mistakes.The cd was the story of Eli, the wrong guy who rarely did right, but decides on trying to change anyway. At 14 songs in 26 minutes Foleys lyrics are brutally direct, things don't go so well for Eli and there's a twist in the plot, and thats all you need to know.( get on the net and find a copy). From there the band planned some live shows and adopted Tyrone Shoestrings for rythym, Foley ended up on vocals cause no one else would and Bitchin switched to bass. The band seemed to fit in well with the underground punk scene and had some of their best shows to date with such longtime thrashers as The Bunchofuckingoofs, Random killing, and The black Donnellys. All bands that had survived in southern ontario's underground for over 20 years. Since then the band has found a home east of toronto in places like peterborough and the yearly PUNKFEST held at Spiderland acres. The band then recorded the SOME DISMAL FUTURE demo. Have I mentioned how much I hate doing this bio. the cd was a continuation of the first cd and it is weird and thats it. All right I'll tell ya this, A herion addict, a one eyed hooker, ratburgers, a place called Junky City with a real grim look into the future. The music had to be strange. The Bendecos have recently recorded a 5 song e.p at mastermind studios in hamilton and its got mistakes o.k. The band is looking for performance over perfection. Sorry this bio wasn't more personal as the band really are an obnoxious group of assholes and they don't want anyone to know how screwed up they are.