Ben Deem Band

Ben Deem Band

 Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

We are a group of guys who love God, our families, and making music. Whether in a small acoustic-only setting, or in front of 13,000 people, our music captures hearts and speaks to the very core of who we all are. While being fun and entertaining, we don't just sing songs, we minister with music.


As we're creating this web site, a list of questions are being asked of us to fill in. So, in order to save us all from trying to sound way cooler than we really are, we will just tell you the questions we were asked and then give a short simple answer.
Question 1. What are your influences?......Musically, our influences range anywhere from Third Day to Bob Marley and everything in between. Personally, our influences range from God to the person we just met sitting next to us on a flight.
Question 2. What sets you apart from other bands?....Well, to be quite honest it would be our songs. We write intense songs that speak deeply into peoples hearts. We know music's power to take a person to a certain place in there minds and emotions. We stand apart because we take what we do seriously, and experience favor and success everywhere we go.
Question 3. What is your story?.....We started making music with each other over 4 years ago and havn't looked back since. Some of us are from the Pittsburgh,PA area and some are from the Cape Cod, MA area. We had an RV that broke down in the middle of rush hour traffic in downtown Boston, Ben traveled with and worked for Grammy winning artists in both Christian and secular genres, Forrest sometimes stops at green lights when he's driving, Matt has a great love for Africa, Joe is skinny, and Jeff is going to have a daughter named Lily. That is who we are and what we do. :)


On the Horizon- 2004
Ben Deem: EP- 2006
I Acoustic- 2007
Ben Deem Band- 2009
Single "Tears of Pain" played on IPN, Single "Refined" played live during radio inteview with New England radio show.

Set List

We normally do shows of an hour to an hour and a half in length. We have a repertoire of around 70 songs to choose from including covers upon request.