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Bendito Parche

Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Latin World




"Bendito Parche Is Among 400 Of The Year’s Most Exceptional Artists & Releases Nominated In The 14th Independent Music Awards"

March 26, 2015 –
“A unique blend of instruments made in the heart of Colombia” Bendito Parche from Bogotá was named by Music Resource Group (MRG) as a Nominee of The 14th Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), the influential awards program for independent artists and releases. Independent Music Awards nominations in more than 80 Album, Song, EP, Music Producer, Music Video and Design categories were announced for self-released and independent label artists from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Canada, Colombia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Mali, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, United States and Tibet.

The eclectic mix of established and rising talent nominated in The 14th IMAs were culled from thousands of submissions that were released during the program’s eligibility period, between June, 2013 thru December 2014.

Winners will be determined by a panel of influential artist and industry judges including Sharon Jones, Raul Midón, Amanda Palmer, Lunice, Suzanne Vega, Meshell Ndegeocello, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jane Monheit, Arturo Sandoval, Melissa Auf der Maur, Shelby Lynne, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Lila Downs, Chris Wood & Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers), Judy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Dennis Diken (The Smithereens), Adam Agee (Stellar Kart), Nathan Currin (Family Force 5), Deon Rexroat (Anberlin), Jonathan Steingard (Hawk Nelson), Terry McBride, (Nettwerk Music Group), Bob Ludwig (Gateway Mastering), Anthony DeCurtis (Rolling Stone), Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic), as well as numerous talent buyers from high profile showcase platforms and performance venues throughout the world.

IMA Winners will be promoted to more than 1 Billion music fans via online & broadcast promotions, performance and distribution opportunities. Details and complete list of Nominees and Judges available at:

We are an independent heart, grateful to be part of the 14th IMAs nominees. Help us spread happiness by voting for Bendito Parche in the Vox Pope Vote. - Independent Music Awards

"The Colombians Chasing The Silver Seagull"

"Our strength is Salsa and Cuban Son, but this song was born from the musical contributions of each member. That's what we call the 'soncocho', which also has many elements of Colombian music, "says Felipe Valencia, the 'Beto', musical director of Bendito Parche.

The group, composed of five 'bogotanos' and two 'tolimenses' emerged five years ago, when 'Beto', fresh from Cuba (where he specialized in the interpretation of Cuban Tres), sought his school, neighborhood and college friends.

"For Latin and dance music, New York is the Mecca. The song that we will play in Chile refers to that, the American dream of getting there. But there is a part where we talk of how nice it is our country, not cold weather and the beauty of our women "adds 'Beto' about the song that will compete with compositions from Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Mexico.

"We have rehearsed the song in every possible way: faster, slower, the original way. On this side, we felt safe, "says Federico González, former member of San Alejo and guitarist.

Colombians knows they will face the competition between 22 and 27 February when the festival takes place, the most demanding public of the continent. In every edition tickets run out in the Quinta Vergara in Viña del Mar.

"We heard about it: that audience is known as the 'monster'. But, we already feel like winners, just by being there to take a piece of Colombia with us, "adds 'Beto'. - El Tiempo Journal

"Son Made In Colombia"

In Cuba, "this crazy and wonderful island", there is a custom to enliven domino games. Everyone brings an ingredient to put in a cooking pot, and while competitors play their chips a few drinks are taken in, the soup is cooking. The final banquet is always different and exquisite. This explains what happens inside Bendito Parche, a group of Cuban son made in Colombia. They meet for pleasure and everyone puts his own musical ingredient: one brings the rock, the other spacy Salsa.
Their songs have influences from reggae, Brazilian percussion, bolero, souk and Folk music. Of course, not all at once. In this 'soup' you can feel the taste of each rhythm though always prevails the son. It also keeps the typical habanero septet format, but with some adaptations: there is an electric bass instead of double bass; an electric guitar to change the acoustic; and the percussionists are multi-instrumentalists. Cuban Tres is preserve, perhaps the identity of the son.
It's Sunday afternoon and Bendito Parche is prepared to play in a marriage. Thus, working in small events have tested their music to the public. They realized that make people dance is not easy, so they trained with covers of great Cuban music and then mutated to "Llegar a Nueva York", their first single, and "Mi Vida Es Otra", that has a videoclip.
And now I present the band: Felipe 'Beto' Valencia (voice and Cuban Tres), Santiago Mejía (bass and vocals), Federico 'Federock' González (electric guitar and vocals), Alejandro 'El Brujo' Calderón (Bongo, Timbales and Clave), Juan Pablo 'El Primo' Sagal (Congas, Guiro and Cajón), Hugo Saavedra 'El Loco' (Trombone) and Jeisson 'El Dragon' Mora (Trumpet). Most are between 30 and 33 years, except the brass section, which are 20 and 22 and recently joined the band. Nicknames are a symbol of the bond between the members, no solemn conversations, but serious jokes.
While waiting for the signal to go on stage, they play 'Banquitas', do stretching, and again tuned instruments. Eager they walk from one side to the other. A nice portrait of them is his shoes, the only piece that does not belong to the uniform: convers for the rockers, moccasins for traditional ones. For the rest, they dress in black shirt and white pants, suit, tie and hat, a set inspired by Michael Jackson`s "Smooth Criminal" video.
It`s time to go on stage. They start with the cover of a song that make them feel safe, people always want to dance: El Carretero. In less than a minute, there are already ten couples on the dance floor. "A few years ago it was difficult to encourage the public," says Alejandro, "but the better we sound the more people dance". It is all about connecting, that the percussionists are sync, that the singer suddenly sees a woman and says, just with a smile, yes, that is your song. - El Espectador Journal

"The Sound Of Colombia"

Far away from the splendor of the Caribbean Sea, seven Colombian musicians found the key to the flavor armed of Cuban Tres, an instrument that brand and defined the proposal of the group. In this album they explore the son montuno, some airs of reggae, all this combined with a striking freshness and fluidity in each one of the songs of the album. You can feel the complicity and confidence of making music of quality among friends. All musicians provide compositions and musical influence, which give a unique label to the ¨gang¨ or ¨Parche¨ in Colombian slang. Turn on a cigar, serve a good aged rum and let that sweetness, force and bluntness of ¨Bendito Parche¨ embrace you, while you imagine being in the beach or in a Bogota Street. - Music Machine

"Festival Viña Del Mar"

From Bogotá, Colombia will be presented on the stage at the Quinta Vergara Bendito Parche a musical band formed by a group of friends and professional musicians who came together in February 2010.

On november 2013 they released their first album. A record with 12 songs produced by Mauricio Cano, renowned winner of four Grammy Awards.
Its single ¨Llegar to New York¨ is already playing in the main stations of the country, reaching number one in ¨Laud Stereo 90.4 fm¨ and number three in ¨Señal Radio Colombia 95.9 fm¨. ¨Anhelos¨, the second single is already climbing positions.
Since its creation, the septet had participated in several events, among which can be highlighted: festival ¨Stereo Picnic 2011 ¨, guests as national band, with artists such as ¨Calle 13¨ and ¨ChocQuibTown¨.
In 2013 they were winners to participate in the festival ¨Salsa al Paque 2013¨, held on the 16 and 17 of August, highlighting the presence of artists such as Rubén Blades and Los Van Van from Cuba.

On 2014, they were invited to ¨Festival Centro¨, sharing stage with Alci Acosta and Sidestepper, among other bands. - Chilevision

"Soncocho, the rhythm of Bendito Parche"

Bendito Parche consists of seven Colombian musicians, who have been cooking 'Soncocho' his new genre; they represented Colombia in Festival of Viña del Mar in the folk category. Their song was selected between more than 1,200 compositions and was among the 3 favorites of jurors, thanks to its outstanding melody.
After the Festival, Bendito Parche toured various music venues in Santiago de Chile and now returns to Colombia to begin recording their second album and the video clip of the song 'Sanguijuela'.
The Newspaper El Nuevo Siglo spoke to Felipe 'El Beto' Valencia, voice and player of the Cuban Tres in the group, who told us how was the experience in the Festival of Viña del Mar and what they have prepared for their second album.
El Nuevo Siglo: What meant for Bendito Parche to represent Colombia at the Festival de Viña del Mar?
FELIPE VALENCIA: One of the most important experiences we have had in our careers. Since we arrived in Santiago they treat us very well, and by the time we could interact with the other competitors, we understood the great importance of representing our country. We had an enormous responsibility but overall it was an honor.
ENS: As a group, what was your gain to represent Colombia in Santiago?
FV: On the technical side, playing in the Quinta Vergara. This scenario it is called 'the monster'. We had to learn how to handle the cameras, because they were many TV channels transmitting our presentation live.
Also performing on stage, for each group the production scheduled a valet with dancers. We had to practice a choreography with them.
Furthermore, in the personal side, we spent much time together and got to know each other better as musicians and persons.
ENS: Do you think Bendito Parche conquered the Chilean public?
FV: Yes we had. When 'the monster' does not like something, they whistles. We were fortune to be applaud on all three occasions we present ourselves. - El Nuevo Siglo Journal

"Llegar a Nueva York - Bendito Parche"

La historia de Bendito Parche comienza hace tres años con una llamada de Beto Valencia, el líder del grupo, en un momento en que los demás integrantes estaban buscando un nuevo proyecto.

Santiago Mejía se estaba despidiendo de Vietato, una banda de rock colombiana, y quería abrir su panorama con música latina.

Federico González también estaba cerrando un ciclo de diez años con Sanalejo. Y así fueron llegando los demás para conformar ésta, que ha sido llamada "la más cubana de las agrupaciones colombianas". Para el gran público, se estrenaron en Salsa al Parque este año y acaban de lanzar su nuevo sencillo "Llegar a Nueva York". - Señal Radio Colombia



Far away from the splendor of the Caribbean Sea, seven
Colombian musicians found the key to the flavor armed of cuban
tres, a instrument that brand and define to a large extent the
proposal of the group. In this album they explore the son montuno, some airs
of reggae, all this combined with a striking freshness and fluidity in each one
of the songs of the album. You can feel the complicity and confidence of making
music of quality among friends. All musicians provide compositions and musical
influences which give a unique label to the gang or Parche in colombian
slang. Turn on a cigar, serve a good aged rum and let that sweetness, force and
bluntness of Bendito Parche embrace you, while you imagine being on a beach
or in a Bogota Street.

Luisa Pineros, Music Machine Magazine



Bendito Parche was born out of an initiative dreamt by Felipe Valencia. He gathered old friends and family members to start a band were personal relations came first. Therefore the band name is “Bendito” which means “Blessed” and “Parche” that in Colombian slang means “group of close friends”. “…working with best friends is always a blessing” explains Felipe. 

Inspire by the folk and Caribbean tradition in dancing rhythms, they came up with the “Soncocho” a gender name after an important soup in Colombia called Sancocho. “…in every Latin American country exist a soup made by a combination of many ingredients, and if there is something missing, you´re allowed to improvise with whatever is at hand” says Alejandro, on of the band percussionist.

And that’s what you feel while listening to the music of Bendito Parche, comrades in a field trip cooking and each one giving what they have to offer to the recipe. Sometimes there is son montuno with spicy salsa, sometimes angry cumbia with boiled bolero.

They released their first album in October 2013. An album produced by Mauricio Cano, renowned winner of four Grammy Awards.

The singles ¨Llegar a New York¨ and “Sanguijuela” are playing in the main stations of the country, reaching number one in some of the charts.

Since its creation, the septet had participated in the biggest festivals of the country highlighting their presence in: Festival Stereo Picnic 2011, Festival Salsa al Parque 2013, Festival Centro 2014, sharing stage with bands such as: Calle 13, Rubén Blades, Los Van Van de Cuba.

By 2015, Bendito Parche was selected to represent Colombia in the International Festival of Viña del Mar, reaching more than 250 million people around the world; was among the 3 finalists of the jurors including Oscar de Leon and Pedro Aznar. Once completed the Festival, they toured different scenarios of Chile.

In March of 2015, the album “Llegar a Nueva York”, has been nominate as Best Latin Album in the Independent Music Awards in which participate more than 70 countries worldwide. 

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