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Ben Dunlap

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Rock Acoustic


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"Beh Dunlap / Take My Chances"

I’m not big on the over-hyped "Singer/Songwriter" craze that stretches throughout clubs and coffee houses all over the country, most of these types of artists, at best are mediocre singers and /or songwriters. Yet, every now and again, there comes along a singer/songwriter who actually puts emotion to music, not just lyrics. That’s what I experienced when I slipped the latest EP “Take My Chances” from Atlanta Singer/Songwriter Ben Dunlap into my CD player.

Ben’s rich textured voice and soul-delving lyrics offer a welcome departure from the pubescent sounds of today’s pop-saturated radio. His masterful blends of Acoustic and electric guitars compliment the introspective writing of his lyrics that seem to interpret the emotions of one's own life. Though his name isn’t on the tip of your average music listeners tongue, his music is sure to be in their heads as his name starts to spread.

From the first track “Time To Go Home,” which describes the passion and heartache that accompanies every person who has ever decided to break the confines of their state line to go in search of their dreams, to the beautifully crafted “Too Late,” with a looped beat providing a classic industrial backdrop that magically melts together acoustic guitar, live strings and the almost haunting lyrics of a lovers tortured soul, it’s obvious you are listening to an artist who understands what it means to “put it all together.” Other tracks include the catchy “I Need a Girl”, I tried not to like this slight departure into the realm of pop, but it’s upbeat rhythm and irresistible hook had me singing along by the end of the song. The title track “Take My Chances,” is a lesson in song craftsmanship, as our narator struggles with the inevitable timing of a dying relationship, yet, with very little effort Dunlap finds a way to invoke the raw emotion of the listener, transporting them to a place in their life when they too couldn’t or just wouldn't let a relationship end.

This CD could be a soundtrack to most of our lives, it details the joy and triumphs of what love and life can offer as well as the heartaches and disappointments that always seem to be lurking somewhere close by. With his debut, Ben Dunlap is starting the engine of the ol’ bandwagon… And from what I’ve heard you better get your spot while there’s still room. - Dave Zane


Take My Chances (Summer 2006)



Today's music scene is truly that of the MTV generation, so many times it's not about the music or the lyrics, and worse, not even about the voice. We are an image conscience society, ready to give the consumer what they want: market a slick package to make up for a lack of substance. This time the package is complete, and it comes in the form of Atlanta's own Ben Dunlap.

Over the past couple of years this 6-foot-6 singer/songwriter with the chiseled looks has been developing his craft as well as a loyal fan base throughout the South. Today he is one of the most promising talents to emerge out of Atlanta's thriving music scene.

A New Hampshire native, Ben has always known music was the path his life would follow. "You could ask any of my family and they would tell you that even as a kid they knew music would be my career." He even passed up an opportunity to play college basketball in order to pursue his life long dream. Since that time, Ben has been developing what some have called "the most passionate and soul captivating" music they have ever heard. Dunlap recently put the finishing touches on his first full-length album Take My Chances (Summer 2006).

Everywhere he plays, Ben has developed a loyal fan base that pack his live performances for a chance to hear the sounds and lyrics that dig deep into their souls. One fan described Ben's music as "every emotion I have ever had: sad, happy, hurt, vulnerable... It's like he's been inside my heart and my mind."

Take My Chances is everything that Ben's fans have come to expect and more. It is riddled with the personal pain and triumphs that define our lives. From 'Alone' where chance and circumstance lead to a night of solitude and reflection, 'Stay Awhile' an ode to a young relative that committed suicide, to his debut single 'Take My Chances' an unbelievably gripping and powerful ballad that details the "reoccurring" end of a love affair.

Ben Dunlap's beautifully crafted songs resonate through the hearts and minds of a wide musical audience, letting them know that they are truly not alone, for he has been there and will be there with them to share their joy and understand their pain. With an uncanny ability to reach into a stranger's soul and interpret their heart, Ben's songs are the friends that we go to in times of sadness and jubilation.

So often we look for the one that thing that can offer us hope while understanding our pain. This time, all of that understanding and hope can be found in the words and music of Ben Dunlap.