Beneath the Beach

Beneath the Beach


Post-Dance-Math-Step band


Beneath the Beach are a Post-Dance-Math-Step band from west London pioneering new compositional techniques in texture and rhythm. Aided with a loop pedal, the ensemble create endless overlapping guitar lines harmonically manipulated by the 30 to 200 Hz Bass Guitar range and backed with poly-rhythmic and linear drum patterns. Formed in the summer/autumn of 2011, the band have all attended the University of Westminster, and with three and a half degrees between them, conceit is rife. Having gigged extensively, the ensemble have provided and currently provide an exciting and unique live show fusing Dance music with Minimalism and Math-Rock. Citing influences from Igor Stravinsky to Steven Stapleton, there is little ground unexplored. Dancing in 3, 7 and 11 is easy?


Ubiquitous Meter - EP