Beneath the Radar

Beneath the Radar


The imagined result of an unholy, yet revered, union between Rodney Crowell and Lucinda Williams. Evocative lyrics; sparse, yet melodic guitars; meticulously crafted songs filled with passion and longing.


Beneath The Radar
electric/acoustic duo
Tommy: Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Rodney Crowell, John Fogerty & Dennis DeYoung
Lisa: Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Rodney Crowell & Radiohead

Lisa Matthews is a Chicago based singer/songwriter. Lisa is an accomplished solo artist and a veteran performer with many regional bands and acoustic duos. Known for her compelling vocal force and guitar work, Lisa draws from a diversity of musical influences including contemporary pop, alternative rock, folk, and classic 60’s and 70’s rock. Lisa prides herself on her professionalism and high energy, polished performances.
Tommy Dziallo has been a professional musician for over 30
years. Having performed on several top ten singles and countless TV & radio commercials, his studio know-how has been put to good use since forming Beneath The Radar with Lisa Matthews. Tommy is currently touring with Dennis DeYoung of Styx fame when not working or performing with Beneath The Radar. His guitar abilities truly shine both in the studio and on stage.
As BENEATH THE RADAR, Lisa Matthews and Tommy Dziallo have been writing and performing together for the past three years. Lisa’s strong, passionate vocals and dynamic stage persona, combined with Tommy’s multi-instrumental prowess make for a truly unique sound, both live and in the studio.


Dashboard Confessions

Written By: Beneath the Radar: Lisa Matthews & Tommy Dziallo

Dashboard confessions
feel easy in the dark
Walk the steps of her soul
Mark the map to her heart
Long distance headlights
Waves pulse from a beach
Pain paves a path
Keeps her within reach
Ambiguities to cipher
Deception and games
If she let on how she felt
Everything could change

And it’s everything to lose
With nothing to gain
But this burning within
her heart still remains
Steer away from complications
That’s the best she can do
This crush will pass
And she’ll stop wanting you

More is said in the distance
Between awkward words
Would you understand
Why she can’t find the nerve
Shadows in the sky
Ice shines from the fields
What would it take
To get her to yield
So much at stake
Don’t get her wrong
If the consequences were less
Her resolve would be gone

And it’s everything to lose
With nothing to gain
But this burning within
her heart still remains
Steer away from complications
That’s the best she can do
This crush will pass
And she’ll stop wanting you

She’s feeling uneasy
The ache’s hard to deny
But what would you do
If she called out this lie
Storms grasp the horizon
The heat might just break
Come up with the courage
There’s a chance here to take
She likes the attention
It feels good to admit
If that connection was made
She wouldn’t resist

No Relief

Written By: Beneath the Radar: Lisa Matthews & Tommy Dziallo

copyright 2007 Dziallo/Matthews
Tommy Dziallo & Lisa Matthews

If I opened my veins would you say goodbye
If I never played music again
If I found myself sinking to the bottom of a bottle
Would it force you to choose me instead
If I chased you down, If I finally cried out
And told you without you I’m lost
If you could have loved me half as much as I wanted
Would I still be paying this cost

Bearing your pain I want you to mend
But I can’t let you go, I can’t begin to pretend
I feel so abandoned, overwhelmed in my grief
And moving on without you offers me no relief

My head’s piercing with pain
A raging pulse in my ears
I don’t want to eat, there’s no rest when I sleep
All I want is for you to be here
I’d take you back, you know that I would
It’s not that I get off on neglect
You said you need distance, maybe you don’t want me anymore
I think that’s why I feel so wrecked


And the jackals are coming for seconds on my soul
The wolves have been to my door
After all of the damage that’s been done around here
Like I fool, I keep wanting more

Reckless with my heart, careless with my soul
All too familiar with being sold out
You turned away when I was there for you
Wish I’d known sooner what you were about
I was hung out to dry; I’m forsaken, forlorn
I’m too hurt to take on this rejection
I desperately want you; You’re all that I crave
I feel nothing without your attention



Airplay of Singles:
No Relief (WDCB, Chicago)
Dashboard Confessions (WDCB, Chicago)
Best Drug (WLUP, Chicago)

Set List

Sets are comprised of a mixture of original compositions and covers ranging from classic 70’s to contemporary alternative rock.

Length of shows vary