Melodic piano/guitar pop with bursts of energy mixed in with delicate moments. Beneva deliver songs that drive you when you're up and comfort you when you're down! If you love Harmonies and contagious'll love Beneva


It's hard to find a duo these days that can not only craft contagious melodies and lilting harmonies but can also switch the mood on stage in seconds, moving from heart-felt epics to quirky radio friendly songs with ease.

During the two years Nathan Bennett (Piano & Vocals) and Malc Evans (Guitar & Vocals) have been together, they have racked up over 200 gigs and are now known to many as one of the hardest working acoustic acts on the UK circuit.

Beneva's voices blend together so well that reviewers have compared their overall sound to that of Simon and Garfunkel, and their songs likened to those of The Beautiful South.

Beneva have extensive experience working as a duo on the live gig scene Occasionally they draft in a band to add an extra dimension to their sound.

Their latest offering is the debut CD “I'll Say Just What I Mean” - ten songs that showcase Beneva's ability to capture the hearts of both young and old listeners. It was beautifully recorded to capture a “live feel” - moving in a different direction to many other bands who opt for the highly over produced route.

Beneva's endless tour schedule has seen them perform all over the UK at many leading venues supporting the likes of Baz Warne (The Stranglers), Ben Okafor, Caroline Alexander, Keisha White (Warner), Phil Bates (ELO), Si Connelly (Chrysalis) and Nick Hall (Fame Academy). They have appeared at many leading festivals such as Greenbelt, H3, Firm Foundations, Coventry Fest and Grassrootz.

In early 2005 they secured a monthly residency at Upstairs At The Garage in London UK, co-promoting, performing and compering the evening which hosted some of UK's hottest singer-songwriters.More recently they were offered a weekly slot at The Living Room Bar in Nottingham UK.

Their debut independently released single 'What I'm Living For' reached No1 on on its first week of release as well as receiving airplay on BBC Radio Lincoln, BBC Radio Aylesbury, BBC Radio WM, Radio Falmouth, Green Dragon Radio, Brunel Uni Radio, UCL Radio plus they were BBC Radio Coventry's Band Of The Month in summer 2004.

Their follow up single 'Let It Go' was picked up by an independent film company and is soon to feature on the soundtrack to a New York award winning and Cannes Fim Festival favoured movie 'In A Man's World' ( The previous single 'What I'm Living For' was later picked up too and will also feature in the film.

In Aug 2005, ‘Let It Go' was chosen as ‘MP3 of the Month' in Salvo Magazine which was available in all UK Virgin Record Stores.Their fanbase has gone from strength to strength with top music site keeping them in the top 10 chart for the past 6 months!

Beneva have just signed to California based label Catz Go Round Records Expect big things for them in 2006! Watch this space...


Now I've Got The Summer

Written By: Beneva

You timed it to perfection,
Slight change in your direction,
You laid your cards across the floor.
We were cold by winter,
Wooden, caught a splinter,
Pointless even fighting for.
Now I've Got The Summer,
to live my live without her,
to make the choices that I want to make.

You said that time's a healer,
but I prefer tequila,
lying back across the grass.
The sun just dries the trouble,
no regrets after the double,
not even at the end of the glass.
Now I've Got The Summer,
to live my life without her,
to make the choices that I want to make.

You're the one who's sweating, fretting, regretting me.
Thank you for the good times,
but now I want to spend them free.
Now I've Got The Summer,
to lie down by the sea.

(c) Beneva/Bmediauk


(3 track CD single - Indepedant Release)

MAY 2005 - LET IT GO
(3 track CD Single - Independant release)

(10 Track CD Album - Bmedia UK - UK Edition)

(10 Track CD Album - Catz Go RUOnd Records USA)

Set List

Can play up to 3 hrs if needed - all original songs or 50/50 of covers and original.