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""Highways Beneath, Blue Skies Above" Album Review"

In my past experience of review writing, whilst it has been an entertaining experience, it has not always been a pleasant one. This was until I heard the beautifully named “Highways Beneath, Blue Skies Above”. It was the most refreshing album I’ve heard in quite honestly, the past 12 months. The dulcet tones of the vocals were calming, and the use of harmonica compliments it beautifully.

Whilst some may say the roughness of production is a flaw, I say them people have no taste. It adds to the fantastic character of this album, which I haven’t seen in a good few years. All music has a character; much like a lady...modern ladies have no taste, no excitement, nothing to convince you to call this lady back. This album, this vintage lady, has all the qualities in some one where a second date is essential, with a bit of extra sass. The surprise is though...this vintage beauty, who isn’t scared to get her hands dirty, and just chill in a set of overalls, is in fact, modern.

This music’s wonder lies deep within its simplicity. Whilst ALOT of modern music is complex and alike, it is horrible, boring, and bland; this modern music has a lot of layers, but is simple and rustic.

I call it modern, but, however, it does take me back to the 60’s and 70’s, and reminds me of happier days, stowed away in attics from disapproving parents, listening to the likes of Neil Young and Bob Dylan. It makes a striking change from today’s music with guitar solos that sound like wasps.

This stunning album has a delightful secret; the artist has what many ‘musicians’ lack. Feelings. Songs like Never Could I; before you had to go, and When We Were Young touch me deep inside with how deep Mr Ben Foster lets me inside his musical soul.

In conclusion, Ben Foster has a talent. Appreciate it. He is an up and coming musician, and I feel proud to be able to call him a musician. Add him on Myspace, find his shows, and travel half way across the world if necessary, because it is without a doubt worth it. Enjoy kids, and you won’t even need to try. - PR Music


Highways Beneath, Blues Skies Above - Album Feb 2009



My name's Ben Foster, though most people know me as Frosty. I started playing solo acoustic after a band I was in, Khyber Pass, was forced to split due to exams and gap year plans. I like to think that my music sounds a little different because I draw more heavily on older influences than many other musical people I know. My big three major influences are Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits, although I listen to a lot of other stuff of that ilk; mainly being 60's & 70's folk, rock and blues. I'm a firm believer in not dragging out the songwriting process more than it should be, usually writing lyrics in 15 minute stretches and recording in single takes. A lot of the stuff I have written is a pretty laid-back, folk-rock style. Having grown up in the small villages surrounding oxford, I feel this has had an influence on me also, having realised at a later stage that a lot of lyrics seem to be based in a country home somewhere, not sure where. At the moment, I am currently working on a whole stream of recordings whilst arranging as many gigs as possible in the near future