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"All Access Magazine"

Ben G (pronounced Ben-G… not bengie), is a solo act from Southern Canada, he’s already been called a mix between James Blunt and Ozzy. But I’m going to go a step further and say he is original and almost interstellar, with a hint of Bowie dare I say it. So very rightly, he has unearthly tracks with titles like “Live Through This,” “Renouncement” and “Cut You In” on the 5-track debut.

Talented in a chilled-out kind of way, not overly glammed-out or emo, the record showcases guitars, ambient beats, with surprising vocals (Morrissey like in many ways.) The journey begins with catchy “Addiction,” and from there the record casts a spell as most of the songs draw you in, with personal moments to which we can all relate.

At times, he creates dream pop - risking being called that dirty word “pop.” However, it’s most certainly a rock CD with a great vibe. He hit the tone nail on the head!

From “Track 1” to “Track 5” the record is a sophisticated offering, measuring up to label quality releases.


"Metal-Rules Review"

Ben G
Cut You In
2008, Independent
Rating: 3/5

Ben G is a young singer/guitarist that is creating a buzz on the Ontario scene. His debut EP is getting rave reviews and magazines and media are talking about his music in quite the favorable light. After one listen it is clear to see why.

The debut 5 song E.P. features some great blues based guitar playing from this young guitarist. The disc kicks off with “Addiction” which is an upbeat rock song with great harmonies and a foot tapping beat. It is a blues based power pop rock song that will satisfy. The vocals are smooth and the guitar gels well with it with a slight bit of fuzz. The title track; “Cut You In” starts off mellow then kicks in with more of the same power pop with an edge. As with these 2 selections the remaining trio don’t stagger too far from this formula. Why mess with a good thing?

-Bob (Metal-Rules) - MR

"SoundProof Magazine"

Ben G
Cut You In
(Ben G/Digital Underdog )
Sounds Like: Ben G is a fan of early 90s rock

WHY / WHY NOT: Besides looking like he belongs in 80’s/90’s cusp rock outfit Extreme, Ben Graham sounds like he belongs with them as well. With the help of notable Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Thompson, he sings and plays his heart out through his first five-track EP, echoing what was played on the radio when this young man was just a little guy.
Much to his credit, Ben G presents himself well in this first crack at it. His music is edgy and is accompanied by pleasantly surprising vocals. Of course, the added production and musical assistance of Thompson, responsible for producing such new faces as Theresa Sokyrka from Canadian Idol, certainly shows it’s mark.
Ben G is unique in the fact that he is a young man that dares to do something different from his musical peers of a similar age, and does it rather well. Way to go, Ben.

- Peter Bremner -
- SoundProof Magazine (Toronto/Montreal)

"FAZER Magazine."

Ben G.

Cut You In

Self Released

Ben Graham is a nineteen year old London, Ontario based musician with an eye for photography and an ear for music. a few years ago, he bagged-off school for a week, did some travelling and wrote some music. Something I’m sure most teenagers could likely say they’ve even done in their youth. Few could say they came back with songs good enough to enter a studio and record though.

With a writing style reminiscent of early Seattle grunge, but a far lighter musical sound, Ben has released five finely crafted songs with the Cut You In EP. Intro song ’Addiction’ and title track ’Cut You In’ both have catchy melodies. All five songs on Ben’s EP speak to a young talent finding his voice through music.
- FAZER Magazine.

" (USA)"

There's something about Ben Graham that takes you back. Maybe it's his look, (reminiscient of 90's grunge rock groups), maybe it's his influences, (The Cranberries, Stone Temple Pilots, etc.) but if anything it has to be his music's sound and style. There's a level of maturity and emotion that is rarely heard in today's mainstream music. That alone sets Ben G. apart as a unique artist with a lot of promise.

On his debut EP, "Cut You In," Ben brings together five tracks that showcase his singing and songwriting ability nicely. The EP is presented in a simple fashion with a sound that's mellow without being sad, and strong without being over-the-top. The title track, "Cut You In," really gives a sense of what this artist is all about, but the smooth moving track "Addiction" has quickly become my personal favorite from the EP. The songs are easy-going and introspective, perfect for fans of music with a message and not just a beat.

What surprises me most about Ben G. is the different direction he's taken with his music. Most younger artists currently out there focus on cliche topics about cliche girls with cliche problems. It all gets very redundant to say the least. With Ben though, you feel like you're listening to something personal, something he's chosen to share with you and only you. There's a message to his music, and it's something worth hearing.
- (USA)

"HardRock Haven (USA)"

Comments: An eclectic collection of tracks, Cut You In is smooth and moody but a strong debut from a guitarist barely graduating from high school. There is a voice of sincerity behind the mic, with tracks like the title track, "Cut You In," blending a distorted guitar nicely with angst-ridden vocals. But what must be pointed out, is here is while the musicianship is simple in its delivery, Ben G (Ben Graham) makes a point with his lyrics, staying away from the superfluous writings like boy-meets-girl, but instead digs deep into his heart, pulls out his true feelings, penned these emotions, and has laid down some tracks with a strong underlying message.

The same can be said as one hears track 3, "Live Through This." Mixing Ben Graham’s love for the ’90’s grunge scene here is a heavy, slow track with a dark underlying feel. But during a listen to this, one can feel is head starting to nod in time with the beat.

Mature in his songwriting, Cut You In is ripe for those fans of such artists as Morrissey, The Smiths, Depeche Mode or Moby. The anguish heavy vibe drags on a bit, but commendation must be given to Ben G whose refusal to stay away from the norm, has released a CD with his true feelings and outlook on those topics that are important to him. And he has done so admirably, for each track is well played with tight musicianship and taking full liberty with such special effects as distortion and reverb.

by Franco Wissa
- HardRock Haven (USA)

"Scene Award Win! Ben G. Most Popular Rock Act."

June 19th Ben G. was named “Most Popular Rock Act” in Southern Ontario's 6th annual Scene Magazine Awards. He was up against 28 seasoned acts two of whom were recently awarded gold status.

74,000 votes were cast this year since January. This marks Ben G’s 2nd award win since the release of the “Cut You In” EP. - Scene Magazine

"Jack Richardson Award Win!"

After two award nominations following his debut, the release of "Cut You In" Ben G. received the Jack Richardson Music Award for Fan Favourite Original Artist. The award show was held March 30th and the winners were officially announced yesterday at - Free Press.


"Cut You In" - single - January 01 2008

"Cut You In" - EP - January 25 2008

"Addiction" - Single - October 17 2008



“You know in the end, I would have cut you in. Too bad you won’t last long.” croons Metis singer/songwriter Ben G.

“Cut You In” the title track off his debut EP is a modern rock song tapping into a slew of personal misadventures.

In the spring of 2006, high school student Ben G. then 17, known primarily for his interest in photography, disappeared from high school for one week. Upon returning, no one expected what he was about to reveal, the songs created during the trip were an unexpected revelation. The response was undeniable, before long he had 10,000 adds on myspace and people from across the globe inquiring about his music. Ben was soon featured in media write ups, articles and interviews, in print and on the radio. Both in the U.S and Canada.

In the summer of 2007, Ben returned to the studio to record with world renowned producer/multi-instrumentalist, Dave Thompson. He is known for his production, songwriting and mixing work with artists world wide such as Liesa Norman (Koch Records), Theresa Sokyrka (Maple/Universal - Canadian Idol) Leslie Carter (of House Of Carters.) and High Holy Days (Roadrunner/Universal).

The result is an eclectic blend of organic songs resonating with love, angst and the pursuit of an ideal. Dave contributed additional instrumentation and song structures to the songs Ben wrote; resulting in a very emotionally charged EP.

With spirit filled songs, like "Addiction" and "Cut You In", Ben proves to be a provocative and unpredictable songwriter, his music encourages smooth melodies that encompass brilliant chorus hooks and intense crescendos. With the song "Live Through This", Ben shows a maturity in song writing which sets him apart from many current acts.