Ben Hardt and His Symphony

Ben Hardt and His Symphony


Disciplined and propulsive, the strings never take a back seat in Hardt's musical narrative. He is in the middle of creating an epic multi-album project, which chronicles the story of two lovers in WWII London, complete with a string section and band. (NACA Member)


*Ben Hardt & His Symphony is also available for acoustic performances with string quartet.

Tony Norman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette rated Ben Hardt's debut release one of the best CDs of 2007. Ben Hardt and His Symphony has been named Local Artist of the Year by Pittsburgh’s WYEP FM in 2007 and has quickly established a reputation with venues, radio stations, colleges, and press.

On the album “Ben Hardt And His Symphony”, sensuous violins compete with gritty guitars and drums for the upper hand in what has often been a troubled marriage in rock ‘n roll. Disciplined and propulsive, the strings never take a back seat in Hardt’s musical narrative. His voice provides an equal contrast and cohesiveness. Light with sensitivity the one moment, crackling with aching urgency the next. To complete this project, Hardt quit his day job, sold his car, and bought a Pro Tools rig, in order to begin recording on borrowed studio microphones and rented instruments. He performed, arranged, and engineered everything but the drums and strings. Classically trained composer and friend Chris Massa entered the project to translate Ben's ideas for symphonic strings to paper.

Not satisfied with just making a great album, he’s formed a band and hired an all-female string quartet to go on the road and perform live. Affectionately known as his “Symphony”, their sharp stage dress gives a nod to the big, multi-instrumental bands of the 1930’s and 1940’s, the era that the album’s narrative is set in. Make no mistake, the sound is fresh, original, and full of energy. Overdriven guitars dance back and forth with over-the-top violin solos on stage.

The current release is an overview of an epic multi-album project that Hardt is in the process of creating. It chronicles the story of two lovers in WWII London, complete with a string section and rock band. The first six songs off his self-titled release, “Ben Hardt and His Symphony”, which has won numerous accolades is an overview of what promises to be a much larger and more comprehensive album detailing the introduction, separation, and reunion of the lovers during one of the darkest times of the 20th century. With the ingratiating pop smarts of “Come On, Come On”, rockers like “Runaway” and thoughtful ballads like “Wake Up, Beautiful”, he has exceeded expectations for his album and given fans a taste of what is yet come.

Extra Highlights:
-WYEP FM Local Artist of the Year 2007
-Current rotation for "Come On, Come On" and "Avalanche" on WYEP, KXCI, & KPRI
-On Air Interview & Live Performance on WYEP FM
-Featured artist on WYEP's "Live and Direct CD" for 2008 and Hardt holds the record for attendance at WYEP's 'Third Thursday' evening event.
-Showcase at the Milllenium Music Conference 2008
-Opened for Army of Me
-Song "Come On, Come On" ranked #7 out of nearly 5,000 songs on All-time Pop charts on
-Headling Act for Three Rivers Arts Festival
-Example Venues: Club Cafe, Diesel, Brillobox, University of Pittsburgh, Concordia University - Ann Arbor, Point Park College, & Chameleon Club


Ben Hardt And His Symphony - released in 2007
Available on iTunes worldwide, Amazon, Digstation and Snocap.
"Avalanche" and "Come On, Come On" currently in regular rotation on Pittsburgh radio stations, including WYEP.

Set List

Set list closely follows CD set because of the telling of the story and includes 2 covers:

Come On, Come On
Give It A Shot
Waltz No. 1
Wake Up Beautiful
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Eurythmics cover
Looking Up While The Bombs Fall Down
Stand By Me - Ben E. King cover

Set length: 50 minutes