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Ben Ingraham



Ever since he cradled his hands around a guitar at age three, Ben Ingraham has had a knack for music. The Rochester, New York native was brought up listening to the stadium rock anthems of Bruce Springsteen and the soulful ballads of Billy Joel. Combining catchy melodies with his warm tenor voice, Ingraham splits time between piano and guitar.

His ear for harmony was apparent in high school as he wrote, arranged, and performed two songs for his 170 piece high school choir. Ingraham also recorded two cds of original music with his band Free Air. After graduating high school in the summer of 2003, with a desire for the city life, Ingraham attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Ingraham immediately jumped into the coffeehouse circuit, playing regularly around town.

After a year at Berklee, with a yearning for sunnier skies, Ingraham packed up his Subaru and headed west to California. Arriving in San Diego in October 2004, Ingraham dived headfirst into the music scene. Shows at local cafes led to a feature in the San Diego Union Tribune and an appearance on the KUSI-TV morning news. With nearly a decade of songwriting under his belt Ingraham is primed to continue singing his heart out in San Diego and beyond.


Closer To You

Written By: Ben Ingraham

I was so young too long wrapped up in myself
When she was hurting I didn’t really notice
I think I made her cry when I ended this short ride
Weary in the night with this memory I fight
Sends me under when I wonder

And I said ooo ooo
I close my eyes you look so good
Ooo ooo Then I blink and it’s understood
I can’t stop thinking when I was closer to you

Oops there I go stupid another chance and I miss it
I can’t call her up or make it up stuck deep in pride
This river’s like an ocean that takes too much devotion
At a loss to swim across sinking when I try
Cause I’m under when I wonder

Your ship was leaving but I never saw the sign
I don’t like pleading but you got me in a bind walking blind

© 2005 Ben Ingraham

Can't Wait Until Tomorrow

Written By: Ben Ingraham

I can’t stop packing up
I’m tired of the confines and I’ve had enough
Of the raindrops this roadblock
My engine was down but now it sounds just like a bloodhound
Growling loud howling with the speed of an outward bound train from this town
Huffing loud spins my head around with the yearning I’ve got to roll on out of here
I’ve got to shift my life back in gear

And I said hey don’t you dream of running away
We’ll take a permament holiday
And tonight we could be so close
We’ll cruise on the high road
Hey don’t you find a reason to stay
Winter gets much to cold
It’s time to get up and go
I can’t wait until tomorrow
I can’t wait until tomorrow

Take some more tests you’ll never learn
The reasons you obsess why you toss and turn
I’d take one guess ease your deep stress
We gotta have fun we gotta see the sun and
It’s too much to wait ashore when you’re caught up in the rush of wanting more
We gotta move fast cause the mood gets
Tougher to revive when it doesn’t last we’ve gotta role on out of here
We’ve got to shift our lives back in gear

Leaving it all turning the wheels again
Shifting my weight before the sun has set
Leaving it all turning the wheels again
© 2005 Ben Ingraham


Permanent Holiday (2006)