Benita Farmer & New Journey

Benita Farmer & New Journey


Anointed, Electrifying, Spectacular, Fresh, Real, Live, Energetic, Stellar Award nominated, etc.


Benita Farmer and New Journey

“Cutting edge.” “Spectacular!” “Simply award-worthy.” All are statements that have been used to describe one of gospel and Christian music’s newest phenomena, Benita Farmer & New Journey. Composed of extremely talented and anointed minstrels, preacher’s kids and praise & worship leaders, ‘New Journey’ has helped shape the sound of Benita’s sophomore album Come Home.

Benita Farmer and New Journey have combined uplifting lyrics and powerful instrumental pieces to produce a project that incredibly fuses contemporary Christian, Caribbean, and progressive rock. This musical ingenuity was derived from several influences including Dream Theater, Jaco Pastorious, Chick Corea, Byron Ward, Tye Tribbett, Kim Burrell, Sonic Flood, and Tim Hughes.

The mastermind behind all of the eccentric instrumentals, partial songwriting and postproduction is no other than Benita’s brother Lawrence Farmer IV. This up-and-coming composer and arranger teamed up with veteran engineer Anthony Bell to co-produce the album. Bell’s stellar work can be found on records belonging to Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, Usher, Jewel, Jazmine Sullivan, and James Poyser. Their collaboration is designed to take the world on a journey.

From start to finish, this group has appeared to make a bold statement to use the gifts that God gives you to make an impact on the world. With their project, "Come Home", everyone can identify with something on the project from the title track "Come Home" which is based on the story of the prodigal son, urging the lost to return, to "Destiny" which encourages us to reach for our purpose in Christ.

Benita Farmer and New Journey are on a mission to "….go out into the highways, and hedges, and compel" all people that will to come to Jesus. (Luke 14:23) Along with the mega-churches and stadiums, they enjoy ministering in the prisons, the colleges, the streets, and to any and all people willing to hear about Christ. It does not matter what stage or what crowd, they will sing with hopes of someone’s life being changed and turned over completely to Jesus Christ. They dare to be used by God in whatever way He sees fit, and vow to continuously keep God first in their lives without compromise.


"Higher", "Dance of Eternity", and "Future's Road" singles are available and playing on the radio.

Set List

Future's Road
Come Home/Holy Are You Lord
Dance of Eternity

Concert set time approx. 45 to 1 hour
Can go longer if needed.