Benita Kenn

Benita Kenn


At the intersection of folk, blues, Celtic, country and rock, Benita Kenn is a singer-songwriter of contemporary poetic/musical anthems and urban folk songs.


Independent recording artist Benita Kenn ( ) has been writing and performing original music for over 25 years. Benita has been living in the SF Bay area for 12 years and has performed solo and with her band Peregryn for enthusiastic audiences at the Freight and Salvage, the Espresso Garden and Café, the San Gregorio General Store, the Palo Alto Arts Festival, the Blue Rock Shoot, Henflings and other Bay area venues. Her first CD, “Roads”, produced by Joe Weed, was recently released and features the talents of musical luminaries such as David Grier, Joe Craven, Derek Jones, Norton Buffalo, William Coulter and Radim Zenkl.


Letter Bomb

Written By: Benita Kenn

I’m tryin’ to keep my head up high
I’m tryin’ to laugh so I don’t cry
I’m tryin’ to keep my spirit soarin’
Tryin’ to keep my senses calm

Trying not to think of you
And all the crap you put me through
I’m trying hard to keep
From sending you
A letter bomb

Cause after all you’ve said and done
You tell me now I’m not the one
Well, maybe it’s amnesia
Or some weird drug you’re on

And if not only for my sake
It’s for those other hearts you’ll break
And maybe you’ll see your mistake
When I send you
A letter bomb

Letter bomb
Letter bomb
Letter bomb

‘Cause nothing else could ever be
Such an effective remedy
For making sure you get the message
That what you did was wrong

I may appear to be insane
And I might lose more than I gain
But it may finally ease my pain
When I send you
A letter bomb

Letter bomb
Letter bomb
Letter bomb

I may appear to be distraught
And though perhaps I’m overwrought
I’m pretty sure I won’t get caught
When I send you a letter bomb

And though I’ve never been inclined
To take to measures of this kind
Because of you I’ve lost my mind
I’m sending you
A letter bomb

Letter bomb
Letter bomb
Letter bomb

Wait a minute Mr. Postman ….

We Don't Live Easy

Written By: Benita Kenn

We Don’t Live Easy
(words and music: Benita Kenn)

There you go again
talkin’ round in circles
Here I am again
waitin’ for a sign
You got your bible verse
and I got my suspicions
You’ve got your crusade
and darlin’ I got mine

Here I am again
holdin’ on to reason
There you are again
tryin’ to prove me wrong
You keep on waiting
for some final affirmation
I keep on waiting
only hoping to belong

We don’t live
We don’t live
We don’t live easy

All your life you’ve
navigated by your instincts
I have watched you move
in anger and in awe
Now you’ve come to find that
age has got its anchor
You can’t just sail away
as easy as before

I have tasted life
afraid to feel its passion
Holding on too long
for fear of letting go
Oh, what a crazy fate
that drew us to each other
But through these crooked years
There’s one thing that I know

We don’t live
We don’t live
We don’t live easy


Written By: Benita Kenn

© 2005 Benita Kenn

Been on roads
Miles and miles of roads
Movin’ on, movin’ on

Used to be
Something that felt free
Movin’ on, movin’ on

Years ago I used to think
That I could roam forever
There was never any thought of time
To bind me

Now I’m growing scared
Or maybe I’m just growin’ clever
But these passing days and changing ways
Remind me

Of the roads
Cold and lonely roads
I have known
Movin’ on

Time to hold
Something from this road
Before it’s gone
Movin’ on


Premiere CD, "Roads" - released 2004.