We are what music used to be, but has long been forgotten. We have a clean country sound. We're just kinda oldfashioned. Honestly, We transend across generational lines. Kinda 50s Rock mixed with "Real" Country. We're Southern Gospel, but not what people think of when they think of Southern Gospel..


Well, I received the gift of songwriting from God after my talented Uncle, who had that gift died, and I called out in prayer for it.
As a child I was raised on The Paynes, Happy Goodmans, Gold City, Kingsmen, Statler Brothers. I like the sound that Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggart, Porter Wagoner, and the Hee Haw Gospel Band have/had.
We're just about getting good music out there. Hence it's splattered all over the net, right?


By God I'm Goin' Through

Written By: Benjamin Blankenship


I've been to the river, and I've been baptized
I've got the Holy Spirit movin' down in this life
But you say, "Honey, now what cha gonna do?"
I say, since I've found this Jesus, I've never been the same
Hell'll freeze over, before I'll ever change
I'm goin' in, I'm goin' out, and by God I'm goin' through

I'm goin' in, I'm goin' out, by God I'm goin' through
Try and stop me, but I'm warnin' you
Cause there's nothin' anyone can do
You can ask me once, you can ask me twice
You can talk real mean, you can act real nice
I'm still goin' in, goin' out, and by God I'm goin' through

I didn't come down here, just to leave like I came
I'm runnin' on, and I'll never change
Nothin' can stop me. Devil, not even you!
I've gotta mansion waitin' on Heaven's sweeter side
Since my Lord came down for me, bled, and died
I'm goin' in, I'm goin' out, and by God I'm goin' through

God Bless The SEC

Written By: Benjamin Blankenship


Hear there's a Crimson Tide in the Swamp
Where somebody got stomped, by the Gators that live down there
Hear two tigers fought two bulldogs,
and the Game Cocks fought some warthogs
as Vanderbuilt just stood there
And Ole Miss started to sing, in the winners ring
For not a voice did she hear
Till the awefullest sound, she was trampled to the ground
By a group of Volunteers
Then the Wildcats, jumped on the Razor Backs
Then the Crowd started to scream
They were goin' banana's swearin' such sites Jack Hannah's
Eyes have never seen
The pigskin went to soarin'
The crowd went to roarin'
The Annoucer cried, Looks good to me!
GOD Bless American Football!
GOD Bless the SEC

GOD Bless American Football, and all the joy that it brings
As though sent from above, to teach us to love
As we Love our favorite team
Fans goto ravin', with banner's a-wavin'
Devils cry, What could this madness be?
GOD Bless American Football, GOD Bless the SEC

From Paton Manning to Bo Jackson
We've seen our share of action, as many stars rise in fame
Pat Dye to Paul Bear Bryant take there places with these giants
All for the Love of the Game
Joe Namith's, General Neland's, Fans luck enough to meet them
Smiled as they walked away
But when not surrounded by the crowds, hollerin' so loud
In the locker room these giants would pray
Well, those prayers would goto flyin'
Like a football through the sky and
In God's ear, like Hershell Walker's hands
With the Answer just as swift as the feet of Emitt Smith
As it was witnessed throughout the land
You've seen Werfull, and Rodgers
While on the side Vince Duley barks out his
Pregame Decree... Askin'
GOD Bless American Football!
GOD Bless The SEC!

Fourth Quarter's come at last, both teams walkin' on glass
As the ball spins through the air
A Hail Mary they say, to God they pray
As it's caught outta nowhere
Screamin' in a megaphone, make for the endzone
That Hero tares across the ground
Their rivals start swearin', air-horns goto blairin'
The referee yells, Touch Down!
Some players go so far, they become superstars
The thang young boys dream to be
Throwin', catchin', and boltin', sendin' bodies a-joltin'
Slammin' like WWE
The crowd gets to sturrin', when the season is a-nearin'
..Before John Ward could say,
"It's football time in Tennessee!!"
We Say, "GOD Bless American Football,
GOD Bless The SEC"


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Within a short period of time we'll have ALOT of new songs out. (i.e. Before Summer). Aside from our own stuff, yeah we do other peoples. We could do whatever you asked. We've done 30 minutes. We've done an hour. We've done an hour and 30 minutes. You get the idea. We'll have 20 songs copyrightten within a month or so. We can throw in some other peoples stuff too. We know ALOT of songs.