Benjamim Taubkin e Núcleo de Música do Abaçaí

Benjamim Taubkin e Núcleo de Música do Abaçaí


The project present compositions and adaptations inspired by regional music from all over Brazil. Its cd was released in Brazil and Europe and received great reviews. "Benjamim Taubkin has made the most deliciously melodic album, which bears repeated listening". John L Walters (The Guardian).


Benjamim Taubkin e o Núcleo de Música do Abaçaí present compositions, adaptations, and arrangements inspired by regional music from all over Brazil. The ensemble also releases a CD Cantos do Nosso Chão - Songs from Our Ground.

The repertory - including parts that have already been recorded on a CD produced as soundtrack for the photographic exposition A Look re-writing Brazil, was presented as a part of the special project, The Art of the Center - A Look at the City, Music, and its Inhabitants, put on by the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, at the Praça do Patriarca, in the São Paulo city center, every week during November 2002.

Between 2003 and 2004, the ensemble played several concerts in São Paulo and recorded the CD Cantos do Nosso Chão - Songs from Our Ground, which was released on the label, Núcleo Contemporâneo, in Brasil, and Connectin Cultures, in Europe.

The following themes are played by the group: two Caixeiras do Divino, from Maranhão state, women devoted to the Divine Holy Spirit who sing accompanied by drums; three Moçambiques themes, one of the principle expressions of the Congado Mineiro, from Minas Gerais state, played by devotees, principally, of St. Benedict and Our Lady of the Rosary; one sequence of Cirandas from Pernambuco state; and a sequence of Sambas-de-Roda from Bahia state.

The group Abaçaí­ Cultura e Arte - under the coordination of Toninho Macedo - has been in existence for 27 years. The group researches all types of Brazilian traditional culture manifestations. The group produces theatre and dance; works to maintain the folk-dance tradition; promotes ecological awareness; and works with acrobatics and mime.

They were in Paris in 2005 where they received critical acclaim for their performance in the National Theater of France. In 2006, they performed at the Teatro Auditori, in Barcelona, Spain. In 2009, the group will come to Europe for concerts in Austria and in the United Kingdom.
They have being touring all over Brazil, every year.


CD Cantos do nosso chão (Núcleo Contemporâneo, Brasil and Connecting Cultures, Europe)

Set List

1- Alvoradinha (Early dawn)
2- Potpourri: Minha ciranda (My Ciranda)/ Morena vem ver (Come see Morena)/ Quem me deu foi Lia (Lia gave this to me)
3- No bater (With the Beat)
4- O-lê-lê
5- Tamborim
6- Ô de casa, ô de fora (Anybody there? Who is it?)