Benjamin Hermann

Benjamin Hermann

 North Bay, Ontario, CAN

Benjamin Hermann builds houses out of steel strings and a precise, weathered-honey baritone, they are houses you want to explore or just hang out in. (ARL)


"Benjamin Hermann builds houses out of steel strings and a precise, weathered-honey baritone, they are houses you want to explore or just hang out in." (ARL) Benjamin's music hits the sweet spot with folk music lovers. His newest album 'Windows Wide Open' released on Roaring Girl Records mixes subtlety and directness, blending distant instrumentation and strong finger-style guitar playing into a soundscape that compliments vocals delivered with careful nuance. 

Benjamin Hermann is a songwriter and accompanist currently living in Toronto ON, working, performing, collaborating, and creating from this city as a launching pad. Originally from North Bay, ON, Ben has since lived in Whitehorse, YT, travelled through Germany and Russia, considering these Northern and Eastern places to be the source of his artistic considerations. Eventually Ben landed in Toronto where he came to study and continue his music career. Ben also considers himself a recording artist, mainly composing with guitar, voice, and piano. His newest release is a full length album titled 'Windows Wide Open' released on Roaring Girl Records - MapleMusic/Fontana North. His previous projects include - 'Red Sky In Morning' from 2012, recorded in Old Crow, YT – and 'Will Return' from 2011, recorded near Ottawa, ON..


Crown Of Flies

Written By: Benjamin Hermann

if there's season for leaving
be it the fall when a homes left behind the commitment was weaning
saved for a song about lovers gone blind bodies will fall, fall for it

walked on with a reason
shedding the past in a gorgeous display but the gods wouldn't have it
forcing her down to the river to pray and that's where she'll stay
waiting for him

Waiting for him, waiting for him waiting for him, waiting for him the crown of thorns is breaking

enter blind folded lover
hospital bed where the nights are so cold enter drugs enter lonely
all to a song about how sleep is sold
not just the old wait for him

enter saint from the river
restful large eyes and visions from home two beings of trauma
hearts full of fear
still so much love shown

visions from home x3

Visions from home, visions from home x2
the crown of thorns is breaking
the crown of flies is gathering
the crown of thorns is breaking
the crown if flies is gathering

Stars Upon

Written By: Benjamin Hermann

Stars upon stars upon.....

golden light hallucinating
sounds that put you in your place
quiet that makes you feel loud when you breath
slowly holding, just to hear

work that makes you feel like you deserve the heat
and the eating, resting well
rain that won't let you sleep
ground that won't let you dig
until the fall, until the summer

Trees that fall for a home
standing for years
fires that burn for the night

crowns that are lifted towards the sky
a settling, anticipated
a roof that is hoped for, plans that are stable
but things always change
a small town, a place to be happy

propane heaters, tinfoil ceilings
start to define happiness
after a night of gin
toast right from the stovetop

Trees that fall for a home standing for years
fires that burn for the night

stars upon stars upon stars upon....

Calling Me

Written By: Benjamin Hermann


your voice into the sea
a slowly wading into arms of happiness such a lovely melody
calling me
calling me

your wounded memories
all I see
is your holding and your eyes of happiness and your patient melodies
calling me
calling me

incoming waves of your love


Written By: Benjamin Hermann

those tiny curls round your ears
have kept you young
beyond your years

snapdragon caught in a snare
yellow green tangled in your black hair
in your black hair as it falls
falls so near


Roaring Girl Records
Release date - October 30 2015

Windows Wide Open was written and recorded at various places throughout Canada. More specifically at various locations around Toronto, an arts residency in San Isidro, Mexico, Wells BC, and North Bay. Site would be the largest influence in the stylings represented here, the compositions, and often the recordings heavily effected by the environments they were done in. Also embedded in these tracks are the beautiful performances of an amazing group of musicians:

Release date - August 2012

Two weeks between three friends, during the 24 hour light period of summer in Old Crow, Yukon Territory. Recording only once the day turned into the red sun and blazing night sky, avoiding the loud trucks and four wheelers of the day. Playing music and going on trips once the town quieted down for the evening. 'Red Sky In Morning' was patiently carved out in those days from simple arrangements and subtle accompaniment. Despite the mosquitos, and dump trucks, but for the whooping cranes, howling dogs, and never failing red glow.


Release date - January 2011

'Will Return' was recorded in Arnprior, Ontario, a small town outside of Ottawa, Ontario. It was made possible by a trade made with Craig Cardiff, a performer and songwriter based out of Arnprior, to fix things around his old century home in exchange for production and studio time with Ben Leggett, an engineer based out of North Bay, Ontario. Three of the recordings were done in Cardiff's home. The final song 'Exhaust Lies Heavy' is a live recording from the Windsong Festival in Powassan, Ontario.

Set List

The Way You Cried
Crown Of Flies
Stars Upon
Calling Me
Halfway Up The Stairs
Windows Wide Open
Blooming Insides
Will Return
Air Balloon
Wicked For Now
Dance Me Home
Close My Eyes - Arthur Russell
Revelator - Gillian Welch