Benjamin Stevie

Benjamin Stevie

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Ben Stevenson began his musical career at the young age of fourteen, and throughout his life has had a passion for a plethora of musical genres. Being influenced by everything from DIY Punk to Soul/R&B, these passions are often reflected in the music he creates.


A year and a half in the making, Ben Stevenson follows up his Juno Nominated debut (Dirty Laundry) with Cara Cara, a sophomore LP made with true musicality. Ben demonstrates how far along he’s come not just as a singer-songwriter but as an executive producer, enlisting a wide range of top tier musicians and vocalists to help showcase his vision. The result is a classic album steeped in psychedelic soul.



Written By: Ben Stevenson

Feel like love, feel like love within
You can fill me up
And pour me out again
It's in my body, she's in my bath
We're drowning all in it
You're so naughty
You want something more
So get with somebody
Get out on the floor
Come if you want
Cause you'll never know it
Won't let it show
I can only guess

But everybody knows
Girls like you just wanna party
Never saying no
Anywhere you go
You got it
Turn into the morning (sunlight)
Been dancing all night (in your eyes)
Whatever you wanted (so high)
Girl it's alright (it's alright)
Cause everybody knows
Girls like you just wanna party

Keep on dancing, Snow White
Got me enchanted, like so many guys
Nobody else around and you let it go
A little something to wash it down
Do you ever stop and wonder
If somebody, or something more
Something like love, so hard to ignore
It's cool if you roll, you might like this
Breathe and just hold