Benjamin Baker

Benjamin Baker


I'm and acoustic singer songwriter that sounds like a cross between Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and Johnny Cash.


Ben Baker’s sound touches on harmony, accessibility and intelligence. It’s digestible music that has something important to say. Baker describes his music as acoustic-driven melodies in harmony with smart lyrics. “The combination of two guitar players who can mix and match every strum of the other blindfolded.” Years and years companionship has drawn these musicians together into a shared wavelength. And it’s a wavelength in which listeners can gladly participate.


Baker has a deep connection with music itself. Humans are not his only friends. In fact, he says that “music is my only faithful lover.” Music inspires Baker. He admires its ability to draw forth an emotional response in even the most jaded soul and its ability to touch on every conceivable human emotions. He uses this facet of music in ever song he writes. “Music evokes emotion of some kind in anyone with a soul. It can lead the way to drunken craziness on a Saturday night and it can ease your soul on a Sunday morning sidewalk.” Baker also cites music’s ability to enact social change. “It can inspire revolutionary thought.” He also points out its ability to guide the human soul to transcendence. “Music can take you to a place where you do not need to think at all.”


Baker strives always to create music that is distinctive, not derivative. “Time after time I see technical, musical genius wasted on unappreciative crowds (live audience or the market). Time after time I have seen these three-chord wonders bring down the house.” But there is a positive light that shines through with artists of Baker’s caliber. “Then there are those special times when ability and inspiration come full circle and meet back in the middle.”

The Artist at Work

Baker keeps the writing flowing. The more you work, the more you grow as an artist, he believes. “I’m constantly writing, constantly getting better.” The ongoing writing has provided Baker with plenty of music to choose from for public presentation. “I am in the process of recording a debut LP. The album should be released by the end of December, 2008 at the latest.”


“Ben Baker’s music is lush and thoughtful and compulsory listening.”



Written By: Benjamin Baker

Back in Colorado,
We were living down in Boulder
With moonshine in our bellies
And Moonbeams on our shoulders
Back then I was Free
With nothing holding on to me
Smoke was smoke and drink was drink
And the grass was warm beneath our feet
We had moonbeams on our shoulders
In nineteen seventy...

And I said, What can I say
You packed your bags
And went away one day
And what can I do
Except sit on my porch
And wait for you to come back
One day...

And my rocking chair is weary now
My heart it feels so alone
It's been three long years
Since you disappeared
My beard has grown so gray and long
And now I don't feel so free
When you left you took a piece of me

And I still got moonshine I my belly
No more moonbeams
are on my shoulders
I'm not half the man I use to be
And every night I dream of you...
In nineteen seventy

And I said, What can I say
Its been three, four, five years now
since you went away, one day
What can I do
Except sit on my porch
And wait for you to come back
One day...

I see a figure up the road,
Under the weight of a heavy load
But my eyes they must deceive me now
I've had this dream time and again
But I find myself upon my feet
Just like I have each time before
Your hazel eyes met mine
Your same old face with a few more lines
And we were back in Colorado
In that place that they call boulder
And the moonshine mixed with tears
Float down and moonbeams fell upon
Our shoulders

She said I've traveled this world
A few times around
and every night I dream of you
In nineteen seventy

And She said, What can I do,
cause every night I dream of you
And what can I say,
I have traveled the world
to get back to you, to make it home

And now we're back In Colorado
In that place that they call Boulder
We've been on our porch now
For twenty odd years
With moonshine in our bellies
And moonbeams on our shoulders...

Set List

Ben usually plays a forty five minute to an hour long set, but can adapt to almost any situation.

Saltwater Symphony
The Baker's Dozen Bar
Move Your Feet
After Midnight
Wagon Wheel(cover)
Good Time On The Bad Side
Frozen Tears
The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down(cover)
Bourbon Reflection
Nights of Pain
Rocky Raccoon(cover)
March In March
Way to Many