Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes


Once you've heard them you'll leave whistling a tune. You can listen to any of the 14 albums he has recorded on his website


Benjamin Barnes is a singer songwriter and fiddle player who graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with a masters degree, and has toured and recorded with many groups including Les Claypool, Erik McFadden, Jason Newsted and Deadweight across the U.S. and Japan. Influences range from Beethoven to David Bowie and the Beatles to Hank Williams and Fishbone. In 2000 performed at the Fuji Rock Festival, Japan.


Straight From A Loser's Mouth

Written By: Benjamin Barnes

I know that I want to get down
I know that it feels good
I know that it's the right time
I know that I better should
I'm gonna get it right this time
I'm gonna make it divine
I wanna show you what I mean
Let's go have another line.
Luck, change, anything that we know, plays a game with our faith.
Kiss my ass and I'll tell you why,
I'll tell you straight from a loser's mouth.
Your love doesn't cure sickness,
money dont grow on trees,
your love kind of makes me feel,
Like I got a disease,
sometimes I can lose my head,
sometimes I can play straight,
sometimes I get so dizzy
I fall down with the shakes.
Let's start up a new chapter.
Let's get down on our knees.
Let's pray that the god above gives us something we need.

When the Bottles Almost Empty

Written By: Benjamin Barnes

There's a feelin' I get when I look into the mirror all I see is myself standing here alone. There's a feelin' I get when the bottle's almost empty, I know soon it'll be time to stumble home.

My baby's left me dyin' here so I must resort to wine and beer, It keeps me from this boyish fear of feelin' lonely

There's a bottle in my hand, set by an empty can, and a picture to remind of me and you. So I'll pour myself a brew and try not to think of you, you're not here so I'll drink your share too.

You're no longer in my life so I must drink you out my mind. No longer can I feel your touch my heart aches so much. My soul has lost all sense of faith. Even though now your gone, I still see your face.


Written By: Benjamin Barnes

Fate is on my footsteps
so I will walk lightly,
be careful where I go
leave troubles behind me.

Why must misfortune always lead my feet, I guess I'll never know for sure.

Miles have bent my fortune
on the martyr's lonesome path.
Time has left me wicked
distance shaped my past.

LIfe's Escapade

Written By: Benjamin Barnes

It may seem wrong and I mean no harm, just one of life's escapades. Dont blame it on the stars if your heart has scars, we should shake hands and part ways.

Just a tool of the trade in life's escapade, heartbreak is some strange disease. Affections grow dim with romances whims, love is as fickle as the tides.

Venus shows bright in midsummer nights, when lovers infatuate. The greek gods above may shoot arrows of love. Sometime's loves just not enough.

Love is as fickle as the tides, I tell you no lies, love is as fickle, fickle as the tides. None can deny, that truth is so blind. Love is as fickle, fickle as the tides.

Eros is gone, and so we move on. Seeking love somewhere else new. Someday we may do and feel our love new, until then let's go our own ways.


Deadweight- Stroking the Moon, Halfwit Anthems, Opus One
Les Claypool- Purple Onion
Swindlefish- Swindlefish, and the Barnes Heath Project
The Rilke String Quartet- Self titled album and Brahms Piano Quartet in C minor

Many of the Deadweight songs have gotten airplay on radio and television in moderate rotation.