Benjamin Bitter

Benjamin Bitter

 Republic, Missouri, USA

Benjamin Bitter is a folk/rock influenced singer songwriter that points the listener toward a peaceful life in Jesus Christ with catchy melodies, intense, thought provoking lyrics and a mellow sound reminiscent of Dan Fogelberg and James Taylor.


Born and Raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Benjamin Bitter has been a musician since the early age of five. Bitter has been writing songs since the age of 10, playing piano, organs, and guitar since his early teens, and has even taken up drums. Washed in the singer/songwriter music of the 1970s since childhood, it isn't hard to see where his style originates from. James Taylor and Dan Fogelberg were a tremendous influence on Bitter's music. These artists taught Bitter everything about song craft, but the most valuable lesson he learned was that "the story comes first." Bitter believes that it is paramount for a story to come first, that a song needs finesse, continuity, melody, and harmony, but the story must come first. Paramount also to Bitter's music, as well as his life, is his relationship with Jesus Christ. His main focus musically is to spread the wonderful news that people don't have to just accept their sin; there's a remedy that frees them from it in Christ Jesus. Bitter currently serves as the worship leader at his home church, Meadowview Baptist in Republic, Missouri. He is married with a son.


(2010) "Grace In Your Face"

(2006) "It's About Time" (currently being remastered)